Ratan Tata lauds PM for growth

Ratan Tata lauds PM for growth

Ratan Tata lauds PM for growth

An avid admirer of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata has showered praises on him once again for an impressive growth of economy in his first stint from 2004-09.

“The Indian economy grew impressively under his (Singh’s) leadership in the first five years of his prime ministership but regrettably fell prey to massive inflationary forces followed by an unprecedented decline in investment activity resulting from allegations of subjective policy execution and exploitations," Tata tweeted.

“India should salute Dr Manmohan Singh, the country’s prime minister for the past ten years who demits office this week. Dr Manmohan Singh conducted himself with great dignity, earning the respect of the international community for his integrity and humility throughout,” Tata said.

Manmohan Singh will be remembered for his high personal values and for the dignity he maintained all the times, he added.

On earlier occasions too, Tata has praised the prime minister. Once after an interview to Financial Times of London in 2012, Tata was allegedly misquoted as lashing out at the prime minister. He was prompt to apologise to the prime minister, saying he was one of his greatest admirers and supporters.

There were occasions when Tata also expressed his concerns on the tardy pace of reforms, especially in the power sector, to the prime minister.

The prime minister too has conveyed to Tata on many occasions, the great regard he had for industrialists like him.