Will Prathap Simha able to check implementation of Kasturirangan report?

Will Prathap Simha able to check implementation of Kasturirangan report?

Will Prathap Simha able to check implementation of Kasturirangan report?

All are eager to know how the newly elected MP Prathap Simha will fulfill the aspirations of the people of Kodagu district. 

Amidst hectic campaigns, there were protest against the implementation of Kasturirangan report on conservation of Western Ghats in the district. Reacting to the protest, the Kodagu district unit BJP had promised that populated area will be kept out of the purview of Kasturirangan report. 

BJP Spokesperson Addanda Cariappa said “the district BJP unit has impressed upon Simha on its stand on Kasturirangan report. He has promised not to allow the implementation of the report if the National Democratic Alliance comes to power at the Centre.” 

What is in report? 

To conserve Western Ghats, the previous UPA government had constituted Madhav Gadgil committee. In the backdrop of opposition to the recommendations of the committee, the government had constituted Kasturirangan committee to review the recommendations. 

The committee had classified 55 villages in Kodagu under eco-sensitive zone. It has prohibited the use of chemical fertilisers, stone quarry and setting up of health centres in the eco-sensitive zone. 

BJP stand

If the recommendations were implemented, the locals will be in doldrums.  It will have its impact on the coffee plantations. The BJP in its manifesto had promised not to implement Kasturirangan report in populated area. Accepting the recommendations, the Union Ministry of Forest and Environment had issued draft notification on March 5 and had given 60 days time to submit objections.

 Now, the time for submitting objections have been concluded. Now, the ball is in the court of the NDA government under the leadership of Narendra Modi. 

The major promises are as follows

* Suspending anti-people projects like Greater Talacauvery, buffer zone, eco-sensitive zones in the Western Ghats;

* Laying 500 km road every year under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana;

* Efforts to waive off loans borrowed by coffee growers; Special package for the development of spices;

* Railway connectivity between Mysore-Kushalnagar and setting up of a mini airport in the district;

* Promoting eco-friendly tourism, setting up of eco-friendly industries;

* Permanent programmes to check wild animals menace and to check forest fire;

*  Increasing the compensation for the loss of crops from Rs three lakh per acre to Rs five lakh per acre; 

* Suitable compensation for the scores of farmers who have incurred loss following Yellow Leaf Disease affecting arecanut; 

* Programmes for announcing support price for coffee, cardamom, pepper and other commercial crops when the prices crash in the market; 

* Commitment to protect the families of those who are serving in the Army; 

* Priority to root out corruption in the administration.