Cong hopes to bounce back

Cong hopes to bounce back

Voting pattern shows uncertainty of city voters, says Mukesh Sharma

After facing a crushing defeat in the Delhi Assembly elections and the parliamentary elections, the city Congress is still hopeful for a change in voting pattern.

The party had scored third on all of the seven parliamentary seats as the BJP and the AAP damaged the party’s votebank substantially.

“Voting pattern in the city has changed in six months. In the year 2008, we won 42 Assembly seats in elections and formed the government. Then in year 2009, we won all the seven parliamentary seats of Delhi,” city Congress leader Mukesh Sharma told Deccan Herald. “But in the by-elections in 2009, we lost two Assembly seats to the BJP and other party. It shows the uncertainty of Delhi voters,” he said.

The four-time former MLA rejected claims of forming government with AAP and said the party will consider a fresh Assembly polls.

“There is no chance supporting AAP again. We are preparing for fresh Assembly elections. The lies of AAP have been exposed and the people of Delhi will teach them a lesson,” he said.

‘Good marketing’

Reacting on the victory of BJP, Sharma said, “There is no doubt that BJP’s marketing was good. They proved to be good salesmen. But I would like to suggest them to come out of the dilemma of being ever victorious, they will be exposed soon and the people of Delhi will vote for the Congress party for real development.”

Party’s top brass leaders like former minister Ajay Maken and Krishna Tirath, Kapil Sibal, former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s son Sandeep Dikshit and all the other MPs lost to BJP and their vote share was lesser than AAP.