A calm optimism defines her canvas

A calm optimism defines her canvas

Engrave, paint or just remove the finer details on the surface, the underlying layers still speak of their past.

Their stories lie just beneath the surface, waiting to be found, read and comprehended through the eyes of a keen observer. Palimpsest, the style of painting, is the hero of Ekta Jain’s works of art.

As she explains, “An old scroll with scratches on its surface holds some erased letters and messages on it. Their meaning may or may not appear clearly, the emotions it holds, find an expression somehow. That’s what the style of layering in painting, palimpsest, is all about.”

Her solo painting exhibition Tranquilize showcases paintings on the theme ‘Hope and Never to Despair’ at Taj Palace hotel.

Ekta’s abstract art pieces are emblazoned with geome­trical shapes, lotus flowers and a sense of calm through images of Lord Buddha.

As an ode to hope, her artwork reflects on a ‘never say die’ spirit. The subjects she touches upon in the series include palimpsest, desire, and Lord Buddha amongst others.

Ela­borating on the underlying stream of thought the homemaker-turned-artist says, “Th­r­ough these paintings I want to depict that even in this melee  our trust in relationships isn’t lost, their warmth and strength still lie intact. So all my motifs, be it the lotus flower or the red colour in geometrical shapes, represent love.”

The artist who has been exhibiting her works over the last seven years, says, “I religiously devote four hours in the day to my paintings. As soon as my kids go off to sch­ool, I get down to paint. ”

Wit­h­­out any formal training in art, she has been honing her skills through art workshops and camps over the years.

“I started out with making portraits,” says Ekta, and it was her husband who prodded her into displaying her works as they gained accolades in their personal circle.

Amongst her works, the one she holds closest to her heart is “the painting titled Enlightenment.

I am still wor­­king on this painting of Lord Buddha. In a way, it reflects the thought that the answers that we are searching for outside, lie right within us,” says the optimistic at heart!

Described as an autobiographical work of art, her paintings manifest her experiences through the journey of life.

The painting exhibition is on till May 25, Taj Palace hotel.