'Each Cong worker had sweat it out for Hegde'

'Each Cong worker had sweat it out for Hegde'

Allegations made by former MLA Raghupathi Bhat baseless, says Madhwaraj

MLA Pramodh Madhwaraj has rebutted the allegations made by the former MLA Raghupathi Bhat as baseless and added that each Congress worker had worked the best to ensure the victory of Congress candidate Jayaprakash Hedge in Udupi-Chikmagalur parliamentary constituency.

Speaking to media persons here on Monday, Madhwaraj said that the Congress has to accept the public mandate. The Modi wave had its major impact and played a role in defeating the Congress candidate.

The defeat has not occurred as alleged by Raghupathy Bhat. His accusations are totally far from truth. “As an MLA, there is no need for me to lie to make people believe. Moreover I had no role to play in the defeat of Hedge. The voters have decided against Congress,” he said.

Elaborating on future plans, Madhwaraj said the Congress would mull over the plans to strengthen the party, instead of digging over the lost fortune. Attempts will be made to revamp the party cadre right from the grass root level.

Ridiculing the former MLA, Pramodh Madhwaraj said it was outrageous that Bhat is claiming the credits for the BJP victory in Udupi. He hilariously said it is Bhat wave verses Modi wave in Udupi.

“I stood calm despite winning by a huge margin during assembly elections and it is the same case this time also. I am not depressed over the massive defeat of the party against BJP,” the MLA emphasized.

‘Bhat misleading’

The MLA alleged that Raghupathy Bhat has been trying to mislead people by claiming that the funds under Nagarrotthana scheme was released during BJP government. The previous BJP government only gave approval for the funds, but the same was released by the Congress government.

The funds were released on October 1 for the first phase as against Bhat’s claim that the first phase funds were released in March. The former MLA should realize the truth and cooperate with the present government for development process, Madhwaraj urged.

He also pointed out that of the total Rs 25 crore assured by the former CM B S Yeddyurappa as a part of the Amrithamohathsava celebrations of Udupi CMC, only Rs 10 crore was released. 

He has appealed CM Siddaramaiah to release the pending amount. Accordingly, the CM has directed the finance department to release the remaining funds. The MLA said the funds will be used for the construction of Malpe-Padukere bridge and build the government college.

Zero tolerance towards corruption

MLA Pramodh Madhwaraj added that he has chosen politics to serve the people. He challenged the former MLA to provide evidences of corruption taking places in Muncipal and Taluk Panchayath offices to substantiate his allegations. Stringent actions will be taken against all the officials who demand bribery, Madhwaraj warned.