Simplicity in every brushstroke

Simplicity in every brushstroke

An artist’s perception is always reflected through his brush strokes on canvas.His paintings create a distinctive image of everything he observes around, many a times making us feel something special about ourselves.

However, simplicity and innocence is noticeable only when a child holds a brush in his hand and paints his own fantasy world with a dash of practicality.

Such is the work of hundreds of students from across the country who participated in the Art Olympiad and their work exhibited at the Lalit Kala Akademi.

The exhibition displays the outstanding creative artwork of children in the age group of 5-15.

From portraying the age-old rituals of dowry to life in villages, landscapes and picturesque beauty of nature, its conservation and preservation of historical monuments, these young artists from all corners of the country presented their views before art aficionados and enthusiasts.

The Art Olympiad, a one-of-its-kind initiative by the Small Hand Big Art organisation that identifies, recognises and promotes artistic talent, received more than 6,000 entries, of which 3,000 were selected.

Out of these as many as 100 students in different age groups were only declared winners by the panel of prominent artists.

Pooja Mehrotra, director Small Hand Big Art says, “No theme was defined, therefore, children were free to exercise their creativity. As a result we had a variety of artwork which is reflective of the child’s environment in which he has grown up. A student from Kolkata drew a portrait defining a typical dress of a Bengali woman whereas
some established a co-relation with their native place in their paintings.” 

A Lucknow-based budding artist, Saurabh painted Charminar Market of Lucknow whereas a girl from Madhubani district in Bihar, presented the intricate Madhubani artwork which is distinctive to the district.

Though the finesse was missing, yet there was a feeling of the painting throbbing with life.

Likewise, some students tried to convey a social messages through their paintings. Students painted on the social menace of dowry and its continued prevalence in our society; of how we are harming our environment and precious monuments, through
mindless felling of trees and vandalisation.

There were paintings that mentioned the importance of sports and its promotion.

Apart from this, the students who won awards are busy these days attending the workshop taken by some popular artists as part of the Olympiad.

The workshop hopes to provide an opportunity to the children to learn art from Padma Bhushan Jatin Das and faculty members of fine art institutes like Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art, NID Ahmedabad, Faculty of Fine Art, Baroda and faculty members of art galleries like Vadehra and Saffron Art.