Daughter makes truck driver proud

Daughter makes truck driver proud

Neha Gupta, daughter of a truck drive, never let economic condition to prevent from achieving her dreams.

Her hard work has finally paid off as she scored 94.2 per cent in class 12 Central Board of Secondary Education examinations.

“I feel happy. I wasn’t expecting such a good score,” said Neha, a student of Amity International School in Noida who comes under Ecomomic Weaker Section (EWS) category.

“It doesn’t matter how many hours one studies. But a students should study with full concentration,” added Neha, who used to study four hours on weekdays and six hours on weekends.

The teenager said that her aim is to help improve the economic condition of her family. She got 95 in Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and Hindi; 91 in Sculpture and 77 in Mathematics. She gives her parents and teachers the credit for her success.

“My family has always been very supportive. They have always put my education ahead of their needs. Even my teachers have been very helpful. They have never said no to any thing,” she added further. Neha wants to do graduation in BCom.

The 17 year-old girl said that her friends have also helped her. “Whenever I needed a notes, my friends were always there to help me. As I couldn’t afford tuitions so I would borrow notes from them. They would also discuss different issues with me,” she added.

The teenager said that her education was on scholarship, even her books are for free. But if required her father never hesitated to buy her reference books. 

“My father has always bought books whenever I needed them. Every now and then he would ask me if I need any books,” Neha said.

“She has made all of us very proud. We want her to do well in life,” said Anita Gupta, her mother who is a homemaker. 

Renu Singh principal of Amity International School said that Neha is a sincere student. “We knew she would do well as she was always seen studying in the library,” said Singh.