Ready to skirt around

Ready to skirt around

Ready to skirt around

Maxi dresses and long skirts have always been in fashion and are the favourites for the weekend, shopping, brunch and even parties.

Not only are they the epitome of elegance but have proven to be comfortable and easy to wear. One can jazz up one’s wardrobe with maxi dresses and long skirts of radiant and bright colours or keep it sober with dark colours. 

The great thing about these fashion must-haves are that they are so easy to accessorise! Whether you want to wear them with a hat, a simple belt, shades or jewellery,  you have a variety of options at your disposal.

During summer, one looks for comfortable, easy to wear fashion to help beat the heat and still look fashionable.  Krithika from Christ College, says, “I think maxi dresses have an air of class that you don’t get out of other dresses. It’s the perfect combination of comfort and high fashion. It’s also a great look when you’re looking for something summery yet something mature and elegant.” 

These can be paired with sweaters or cardigans to keep them casual and can even be paired with a blazer to make it more formal. 

  Similarly, Imsumen from Bishop Cotton Girls’ School thinks long skirts are timeless and have always been in fashion.

She adds, “Long skirts are not seasonal, you can wear them from summer to winter. I’d wear them with sandals and a shear top during the day and in the night you can pair them with a simple top and booties or with a leather jacket.” 

Maxi dresses and long dresses can not only be worn by women and teenagers of all ages but also matches and looks great on all  body types. Prints and patterns on them can also give them a more chic and hip look. Clothing in plain colours are even easier to accessorise.