Where memories are etched...

Where memories are etched...

An essential extension of any institution of higher education and easily some of the most frequented, loved and under-rated places within the campuses of colleges are canteens, which have a way of growing on the students that they cater to. 

 Enhancing the conventional college experience, students from across different colleges tell Metrolife what they love about their college canteens.

   Most students swear by the delicacies they provide and some even happen to have interesting names. 

“My college canteen’s name is Vidyarti Khanna and the masala dosa is amazing. In fact, that’s the best item served there,” says Sumanth, a student of BMS College. 

Aishwarya Dattani, a student of Christ University, says, “I love Fesheteria because it has the funkiest combinations for sandwiches like pineapple and cheese, chilli cheese chutney, and juices as well.”

Vaidehee Joshi, a student of Mount Carmel College, adds, “I’ve tried most of the items on the menu, like the fried rice and samosas. However, the gobi manchurian with noodles is my all-time favourite at the canteen. I love the channa bhatura as well.”

Stories are woven at these spots. Some students fondly recall their memories that come alive at the sight of the canteens. “Once, I got to the canteen very early and it wasn’t open. But I was absolutely dying for some ‘purple pine’ (grape and pineapple juice) and Rohan Bajaj (a three-decker sandwich that has practically everything in it and is named after its creator, a student). 

So I walked up to the shutter and pretended to magically open it. Funnily enough, it opened at the same time,” chirps Aishwarya.   

   Clinton, another student, adds, “The canteen is one place where one can witness panicking students trying to complete their last-minute assignments and projects or studying for their exams.” 

  Magnetic in terms of drawing people together, several friendships and relationships have been forged and fostered in these spots. 

   “The canteen has always been a place where my friends and I would spend lunch time or any other free time that we ever had, just eating and goofing around.”Vaidehee adds, “I’ve got a lot of memories associated with the canteen, from making friends there on my first day of college to bunking classes and cramming for exams.” 

   Almost all of them instantly agree that the affordable prices make it endearing to the students. 

   Anusha, adds, “It’s very economical and hygienic and the food is great. Since most students in college stay at hostels that don’t really serve great food, this place is perfect.” 

   A saving grace for famished students, canteens are now an indispensable part of colleges. And the fact that they’re usually very crowded stand testimony to this.