Raise the flavour quotient

Raise the flavour quotient

Yummy Yoghurts

The creamy dollop that induces an instant cooling effect in the tummy is no more a humble natural delight.

Yoghurts come packed with all sort of accompaniments – loaded with fruits, muesli, syrups and some amazing flavours to add to their heavenly taste across the many yoghurt parlours in the city. Even the famous French Parfait (that literally translates into perfect) can be made by replacing ice creams with yoghurts. Metrolife catches up with some chefs to get you drooling over these irresistible summer coolers. 

While we stock up healthier alternatives to ice creams in our freezer, perhaps yoghurts are the first things that come to mind. Highlighting the nutritional value of yoghurts, Chef Deepak from Shraman, The Ashok says, “People have been eating plain yoghurt for over four millennia, particularly in the Middle East and India. Put it in your food plan as it is basically a carb, as it is a milk product. Either go for the unsweetened, plain, and low fat yoghurt or doctor it up with some sliced berries.”

Chef Jiten Singh, corporate executive chef, Amour The Patio Restaurant, Cafe & Bar says, “Yoghurt these days has become the go-to option for people who are looking for something refreshing, yet healthy and wholesome in summers. While plain yoghurt topped with fruits is a convenient option, flavours definitely make it more interesting.
 With yoghurt, you can experiment with whichever flavours that fancy you.” With that he goes on to suggest, “An interesting option would be Phaalsa (Grewia Aciatic) flavoured yoghurt. Cooling in summers, you can enhance the taste by topping it with crushed black salt and pink peppercorn, just the way you may typically have phaalse at home.

Bel Pathhar (or wood apple), a fruit used to make bel ka sharbat would be an exciting flavour for the Indian taste buds. Known for its cooling and soothing properties, bel pathhar can be blended with yoghurt and topped with fig and almond jam.” 

And on the personal front, the chef shows interest in experimenting with “a gulkand yoghurt topped with chocolate fudge. Passion fruit, mulberry and kafir lime are also some interesting flavours for yoghurt.”