Law varsity to push for Bill against superstitions

Law varsity to push for Bill against superstitions

The National Law School of India University (NLSIU) will submit a memorandum to Law Minister T B Jayachandra to persuade the government to table the Karnataka Prevention of Superstitious Practices Bill, 2013.

The faculty involved in drafting the bill have sought that it be tabled in the next Assembly session, to curb inhuman practices like black magic.


During a discussion on elimination of blind beliefs held at NLSIU on Monday, the faculty came up with certain recommendations, which include banning only 13 practices.

These practices are mainly affecting dalits, women and children, they said.

The faculty also made it clear that they have recommended ban on only blind beliefs of people and not beliefs as such or the various cultural practices of people
Mukta, daughter of Narendra Dabholkar (the crusader against blind beliefs who was killed in Maharashtra), said that people who are working towards implementing the law should have patience and not lose heart as it takes a long time for people to understand the ban on blind beliefs. 

“The law was implemented in Maharashtra after a long struggle. It is only a matter of time for Karnataka to implement the law,” she said.