It's time to go back to basics

It's time to go back to basics

It's time to go back to basics

A riot of colours was seen as the three-day khadi and handloom exposition, Vastra Rang Tarang, opened at The Atria Hotel on Thursday.

Exquisite handwoven, limited edition saris and masterpieces of Indian textiles were displayed on the occasion.

It was a visual treat as visitors got a glimpse of the pan-Indian representation of textiles like Chanderi saris, stoles, Kerala cottons, organic cotton saris, dakhai, Chettinad, ikkat saris, tussar silk, jamdani silk, khadi cotton and malkha fabric.

Vinod Raival displayed khadi and tussar silk saris from Jaipur while Ganashyam from Hyderabad was seen selling khadi and cotton with Jamdani work.

“To weave one sari, it takes anytime from15 days to six months. Saris that take about six months are priced highly,” said Ganashyam.

The event was inaugurated by the actress Suhasini Maniratnam, who said that the event was a trip down the memory lane as she was reminded of the days when her grandfather wore khadi.

“My grandfather was always dressed in khadi, at home or outside. Khadi is right for South Indians in tropical weather.

Why do we wear chiffons when we have a treasure trove of textiles here just to prove a point to someone else?

Reviving khadi is like reviving India itself.

Today is a nostalgic morning as I remember everything that I had forgotten till now.

White khadi is excellent and goes with everything. We used to buy meters of khadi cloth when I was young as it is best for Chennai weather.”

Bharatanatyam dancer Vani Ganapathy, who was also one of the dignitaries, said that in her college days, khadi was very vibrant and commonly used by everyone.

“The handcrafted, handwoven fabrics, cottons and kanchi silks were very popular. Khadi kurtas are aesthetic, ethnic and authentic.”

A seminar, ‘Penumbral Path of Khadi and Handlooms’, also took place and saw a number of students from leading fashion institutes like Vogue, Raffles, NIFT, Lisaa, Shristi and JD Institute.

Students of Laasya International school was also present for the event. The exposition was organised by the Crafts Council of Karnataka.

The exposition will be on till June 14.