A platter to please

A platter to please

A platter to please

If you are looking for a one-stop station for street food, combo meals and quick, tasty snacks, look no further! ‘T & U’ restaurant in HSR Layout offers a wide range of choices for customers from soups, quick bites, vegetable parathas to assorted platters. 

What started as a tiny eatery cafe is now a full-fledged restaurant. “I wanted to start a fast food joint somewhere close to colleges.

 I chose Koramangala but the property rates had hit the roof at that time. Since I was working with a lot of garment companies, I decided to open ‘T & U’ near National Institute of Technology in HSR Layout.

 It started around three years back and now, we attract a wide range of customers. On weekdays, 15 to 20 per cent of our customers comprises the college-going crowd and about 40 per cent are either bachelors or couples.

 On weekends, large families come in to enjoy our lunches,” says Bupesh, the owner. 

The idea cropped up when he and his friends were craving only for chai and pakodas on a rainy day. “Hot chai and pakodas were all we wanted but we didn’t find any place like that in Bangalore. So, I decided to start ‘T and U’.

However, we soon included  combo-meals. The food that we serve is not relevant to the name anymore,” he clarified. 

The North-Indian combos are a big hit. Customers dig in to the delicious veg platter, served with three chappatis, two veggies, dal, rice and salad and their ‘great paratha combination’.

 “We concentrate a lot on the stuffing in parathas while other restaurants concentrate more on curries. All the recipes are our own and the food is served, hot and fresh,” he says. 

“One of the key points in business is to try new things so that customers drop in frequently. We keep experimenting with our menu. We try different items in the menu and receive feedback from the customers. If they like it, we zero in on an item and launch it in the menu,” he adds.

The unique selling point in his restaurant is the choice of diverse vegetables like loki, arbi and karela in his curries. “In other restaurants, the owner is directly not involved whereas here, I am involved in cooking. All the chefs are from the north and are not experienced.

I hired raw cooks as my chefs as experienced ones come with a pre-set mindset.”

Bupesh was always involved in culinary art. “I used to cook at home for my friends and weekends and then decided to exploit my skills by cooking for the public.” 

When asked about the secret of his success, he believes that it revolves only around three key aspects. “Price, service and delivery,” he quips.

“If anyone does better than me in these aspects, they have all the reasons to take away my customers. My family is my best critic.

The minute they stop eating in my restaurant and say that they don’t like my food, I know I am going wrong somewhere. If you put your heart and soul into your work, your products will be fine. Culinary art is not rocket science.”

 ‘T & U’ is located in 27th Main Road, near NIFT, HSR Layout.