H-K region quota eats into engineering, medical seats

H-K region quota eats into engineering, medical seats

H-K region quota eats into engineering, medical seats

Besides, Medical Council of India has denied permission to 11 colleges.

Students seeking admission to undergraduate courses in engineering and medical courses this year will have fewer seats to choose from in the common pool.The reason: splitting of seats into Hyderabad-Karnataka (H-K) and non-HK quota. In addition, the Medical Council of India has refused permission to 11 colleges, thus bringing down the number of medical seats.

While around 2,500 medical seats were available last year, the number has come down to 1,803 this time. Among them, as many as 349 seats are reserved for the H-K quota.

In the remaining 1,454 seats, 98 are reserved for special category. Out of the balance of 1,356 seats, 542 are meant for general merit category. Last year seats were available in 42 medical colleges across the State and this time the number has come down to 31.

Similarly, in the case of engineering courses, out of the total of 50,748 seats, 6,080 fall under the H-K quota and 43,276 are available for the general category. The rest fall under special category, according to officials of the Karnataka Examinations Authority.

So also, as many as 809 seats are available for BPharma, 450 for DPharma, 214 for BVSc, 332 for BTech (Food)  and 115 seats for BTech (Agri) courses. 

Fee structure

As per the details updated on the KEA website, the fee for medical courses in government colleges is Rs 16,700 per year and for government seats in private unaided colleges it is Rs 46,000

For dental courses, the fee in government colleges is Rs 14,400 and Rs 35,000 for a government seat in private colleges. In the case of seats for courses in the Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy (ISMH), the fee is Rs 8,590 in government colleges, Rs 18,590 in aided colleges and Rs 28,590 in private unaided colleges.

As for engineering and architecture, the fee in government and unaided colleges is Rs 18,090, in private colleges it is Rs 36,090 and Rs 41,590 respectively. The fee for unaided courses in aided colleges will be Rs 36,090. 

No ISMH seats

Students will have to go through the option entry without seats in ISMH courses. Those interested in Ayurveda and related courses will have to wait for some more time for the admissions as the KEA does not have information about the number of seats available for these courses.

The update in this regard has to be given by the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) and the Central Council for Homoeopathy (CCH), but it has been delayed yet again just like last year.