'What's Your Raashee?' failure broke my heart: Priyanka Chopra

'What's Your Raashee?' failure broke my heart: Priyanka Chopra

'What's Your Raashee?' failure broke my heart: Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

"I would be lying if I say that 'What's Your Raashee?' failure didn't impact me. It did. It broke my heart because there was a lot that went into the making of the film," Priyanka said in an interview.

"But then when a film doesn't work, it does cause you a lot of pain. Thankfully, everyone who did see the movie came out appreciating my performance. I would have been shattered if some out there would have said that they hated my performance. It would have certainly set me into an introspection mode," says the 27-year-old star.

The actress played 12 different characters corresponding to each zodiac sign in the Ashutosh Gowariker's romantic comedy.

Priyanka was earlier seen in 'Kaminey' and saw some critical acclaim coming her way despite her small role in the Vishal Bharadwaj directed action thriller.

The actress is happy that 'Kaminey', which was also a box office success, didn't just manage to fetch her good recognition but also quite a few nominations. "Yes, for 'Kaminey', I can see my name in nominations for year end awards. It does feel good," she says.

But wouldn't she have preferred that for 'What's Your Raashi?' After all that was the film where she enjoyed an author backed part?

"One can't be thinking too much about such matters actually. Majority of award functions anyways go for popularity votes so it makes sense when 'Kaminey' comes on the forefront because it did well at the box office," she says.

Despite her relatively small role in 'Kaminey', it wasn't an easy one for Priyanka.
"'Kaminey' was a difficult film for me to do as an actor. Getting the language and mannerisms right was a challenge in itself. I also had to adapt myself to the entire middle class surrounding and the Maharashtrian culture," says Priyanka.

Next to arrive is 'Pyaar Impossible' where Priyanka would be seen as a young beautiful urban girl who crosses path with a geek (played by Uday Chopra).

"It's one of the simplest films that I have done. It's a nice feel good teeny romcom. It's a fun film and is the kind that you enjoy with a bag full of popcorn and a smile on your face," says Priyanka.

A Yash Raj Films production, 'Pyaar Impossible', which has music by Salim-Sulaiman, is directed by Jugal Hansraj and arrives this January.