Attaining an ego - less stage through awareness

Attaining an ego - less stage through awareness

All of us, in some way or other, are ego personified. Aren’t we? Many of us, in spite of being under the influence of ego, refuse to accept it.

A majority of us fail to realise how ego isolates us and separates us from everything. Where there is ego, there is stress and exertion.

So as long as we are driven by ego, we will need to make hard efforts to achieve even the smallest things in life.

However, it’s quite surprising to see that in spite of knowing its ill effects, why on earth it becomes so difficult for us to get over something that’s so unnatural and devastating.

It is said that the one who has ego always struggles for his/her survival. Such a person’s mind wants to think and make plans out of nothing, making an important “something” with a disturbing meaning.

Remember, as long as there is a desire within us to be something, we will experience ego.

This is because desires work in future tense and while pursuing them, we forget about the necessity of living in now, i.e., the present. Hence, we must not forget a fact that everything we do has a consequence, be it good or bad, and that consequence works based on what we are.

So, in a way, doing is merely a consequence of being. The moment we desire to do something in our life, for example, to progress faster, to be more successful or to be something which we are not…from that very moment we stop enjoying and start struggling.

So, how does one tide over this complex paradox? Is it practically possible? Oh yes! By simply remaining conscious of one’s role in the world drama as a detached observer, because the world drama is about natural consequences and not about individual desires.

Hence, there is no need to make any effort as such, as every situation that occurs has a completion by itself. But one must also understand a fact that achieving an ego-less stage is a journey in itself.

Practically, it takes just a second to realise it but one needs to first burn many karmic accounts before getting there.

So, the easiest way to reach the goal of ego-less stage is not by desiring to be egoless, but by being aware, accepting what is right for the present and simply embracing change without any desire by being in one’s natural state.