Political appointees must resign voluntarily: Naidu

Last Updated 20 June 2014, 10:20 IST

With the NDA government's move to ease out several UPA appointed governors coming under opposition attack, Union Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu today said all political appointees should resign voluntarily in the interest of the "system".

"....it will be in the interest of the system that all the political appointees, they resign voluntarily. I'm using the term all the political appointees and there is no need to expand it or explain it further," Naidu said while responding to a query on reported pressure being mounted on UPA gubernatorial appointees to step down following change of regime at the Centre.

Naidu, also the Parliamentary Affairs Minister, hit back at Congress which had flayed NDA's move, for "preaching" and accused it of "double standard politics" and maintained that "political appointments must go with the political establishment."

"Some of our Congress friends are preaching....I would request them to check their consciousness and find out what they have done. If they do it- good, if others expect them to do it- bad; is this the right way? Such double standard politics is not good for any one."

"There is no need to make it a big issue, once the new government comes in ...those who are on political appointments should go with the (outgoing) government. Isn't it a respectable way for the smooth functioning of the government rather than making it controversial;Political appointments must go with the political establishment, that's my view," he told reporters after reviewing Metro work here.

Asked whether BJP would not appoint those with political background as Governors, Naidu said "....there is no rule that politicians cannot be appointed, if he is a sincere person, constitution abiding person you can't debar him. Let the country have a consensus and say no politician at all, you can't put standards to BJP alone." Asked about the fate of pending anti-corruption bills drafted by the previous government, Naidu said "I did not hear anything anti-corruption by the Congress party or their leader mentioned (Rahul Gandhi) for nine years, nine months, twenty nine days."

"We have our own agenda to tackle corruption, we have shown it in our first meeting itself when we took up the issue of blackmoney...so nobody needs to advise us in this regard, from people who slept over on the issue for years together," he said.

Slamming Congress for protesting against government on various issues, he said "I want to give a small advice to my Congress friends who are shouting slogans against price rise, temperature rise, Delhi power issue.... you were ruling in Delhi till recent past, your supporting party (AAP) has ruled Delhi for 4 months, whereas we have come only 15 days back."

"Can anybody generate power in 15 days? Is it possible? Do you have the audacity to come and demonstrate in front of my party office...." he questioned Congress, while requesting them to be gracious enough to understand the mandate of people and accept it.

(Published 20 June 2014, 10:17 IST)

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