Don't be a plain Jane!

Don't be a plain Jane!

Don't be a plain Jane!

Don’t let the rains play spoilsport with your skin and hair. With these simple makeup and haircare tips, you are sure to keep the monsoon blues away, avows Ishika Taneja

Patchy foundation, dripping mascara, smudging lip colour, unmanageable hair – these are what lurk around the corners with the impending damp and humid monsoon. But just because it’s raining, it doesn’t mean you should be plain Jane all the while! So, arm yourself with these fantastic hair and makeup tips, before the moisture in the air hits an all-time high.

Matte is the way to go

* Ditch the gloss, sheen and shimmer, at least until this humid weather is here.

* Go for a matte-finish primer that prepares a good base for your foundation and prevents makeup from smudging or getting washed away.

* A matte-finish primer and foundation helps preserve your skin's complexion and prevents it from oxidising, which results from excessive oil secretion on the skin.

* The base should be completed by using a mattifying powder, preferably a
compact one. This will guarantee a prim and proper skin for long hours.

Mind the waterproof basics

*Use a silicon-based waterproof foundation for the face. Mineralised powder is, however, not advisable as they can get patchy in the damp weather.

*For a sheer finish, you can go for a liquid foundation. For maximum coverage, remember to blend it with a sponge. For a dewy look, dampen the sponge with a few drops of water before using it on the face.

* In case your skin tends to get too oily, make sure you carry a dry blotting paper that can soak in all the excess oil, without removing your makeup.

Accentuate your cheekbones

*Underplay the area below your cheekbone with a bronzer or blush of brown hue.

* Cut the area out by giving outwards strokes of the bronzer towards your ears.

*On your cheekbone, apply a matching (but a shade of pink) blush to give it a contrasting effect.

* Finish the look off by applying a lighter shade of blush on the area surrounding your eyes, above your cheekbones.

Water-resistant eye makeup

*Making use of waterproof products for eyes is essential – be it the eyeliner, the eye kohl, or the mascara.

* It is also recommended to apply them carefully, as they are products, which you would want to prevent from dripping off and smudging.

*Very subtle and earthen shades are making waves, this season, for eye

* Pair soft and natural shades (like beiges and browns) of eye-shadows, with
contrasting bold shades of eye-liners (say green or blue or even red).

Pout your nude lips

* For a day out, nude or near-nude lip colour would be great. Also, add on a touch of lip gloss; just ensure the lipstick itself isn’t a glossy one as that would be too much.

* For evening, you may go for baby pinks and oranges, again with a hint of lip gloss, as they are sure to make you stand out.

* Just remember, whatever the shade of your lipstick, ensure it is matte finish.

* Don’t ever forget to apply a nude or sheer lip gloss over your lipstick. This will ensure that even if the lip gloss wears off with a drizzle here and there, the lipstick will stay on.

[Note: Removal of all the makeup before you hit the bed is a must. As these are
waterproof products that do not get washed away by merely washing the face, it is important to use good makeup removers.]

Come monsoon, and the hair goes dry, frizzy and brittle. Usually we lose around 50-60 strands of hair but during monsoons, we lose somewhere around 200 strands without even knowing it. Therefore, keep your hair from getting wet or damp; that will help prevent excessive hair loss and dandruff, which plague your hair during the monsoons.

Use a mild shampoo

* Apart from dandruff and hairfall, you might have an oily scalp. When such is the case, you must wash your hair, regularly, with a mild shampoo.

* Another reason to shampoo oily hair daily or, at least once in two days, is
because your hair may become limp during monsoons, and only shampooing can restore volume to it.

* Shampoo daily if your hair is exposed to rain water everyday.

Use a conditioner generously

* Use a conditioner on your hair, after shampooing, regularly. It helps get rid of the dryness and frizziness, making it easier for you to manage your hair.

* Avoid leave-in conditioners, as these may get too sticky on the hair, during the monsoon.

* Invest in good herbal shampoos and conditioners, as they are a lot gentler on the hair than the usual commercial ones.

Hairstyling in the rains

* You should never blow dry your hair if you plan to step out of the house in the rains, as it makes it dry and frizzy.

* Go for a messy, out-of-bed look.

* A tight ponytail or side bun will not only look elegant, but also spare your hair from the monsoon frizziness.

* If you have very long hair, it is best to braid your hair in the four-strand or five-strand style. It will not only make you look very pretty, but also keep your hair from going dry and brittle.

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