DU gets math on admissions wrong

DU gets math on admissions wrong

Uploads wrong data on courses sought, makes amends later

Delhi University on Friday committed a faux pas by uploading wrong analysis of the applications received for the forthcoming academic session.

The analysis showed Economics Honours as the most sought after course followed by Computer Science and History. However, it is the traditional subjects which have again topped the list of being the most sought after courses among aspirants.

According to the wrong analysis, Economics had the highest takers as 1,58,372 people circled it in the Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) forms, followed by Computer Science resting at 1,02,086 and subjects like History, Mathematics and Commerce dwelled between 99,895 to 93,992.

The wrong information also stated that French had more aspirants than English Honours as 75,356 opted for the former language than the latter which stood at just 58,201.

On Saturday, the university uploaded the revised information which showed traditional subjects such as English, Economics, Mathematics, Political Science and Commerce back in vogue. English Honours received 1,58,372 markings, followed by Economics at 1,02,086 and Mathematics stood at 99,895. Political Science and Commerce, which stood at fourth and fifth positions respectively, had 95,276 and 93,892 seekers.

The revised data for French on Saturday stood at 32,157. History and Computer Science slopped downward from their earlier standings.

The language courses figured the least among aspirants, as Bengali just had over four lakh dots, Urdu at 7,807, Arabic at 8,037, Punjabi at 8,059 and Persian at 9,518.

State specific data

While Delhi tops the list among state-wise data with 1,32,659 forms, neighbouring states like Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana and Bihar made the maximum traffic. From UP and Uttarakhand, 66,000 seekers have filled forms in DU.

States like Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Gujarat had least number of seekers, as figures stood at 154, 331 and 390 respectively.

Board-wise applications

Central Board of Secondary Education had over two lakh seekers out of total 2,78,485 applications received. Regional boards like UP and Haryana contributed 29,703 and 13,553 seekers.

Male-female difference

There was a huge difference of over 59 thousand applications between total number of male and female seekers for the university. The male population seeking admission at DU stood at 1,69,045 while female number settled at 1,09,440.