'Oldest flame' returns to haunt Woods now

'Oldest flame' returns to haunt Woods now

“Theresa Rogers, a beauty with a home in Wellington, Florida, is the 14th mistress linked to Tiger Woods,” celebrity gossip website ‘radaronline.com’ reported.

The website said the 40-something married woman has already hired an attorney to deal with any damaging revelation with regards to her relationship with Woods, who has taken an “indefinite break” from golf in a desperate bid to save his devastated marriage.

“Rogers is the mystery client who hired power attorney Gloria Allred,” the website reported.

The report said Rogers had an affair with Woods both before and after he got married to Elin.

“Rogers traveled with Tiger extensively during the past five years. She met him in various cities for sexual hookups. She is the only known woman to continue a relationship with him after he married,” it reported.