Celebrating a heritage

Celebrating a heritage

Elegant Steps

A unique dance ensemble, Abhivadan, performed at Seva Sadan Auditorium, featured three classical dancers from different schools of dance.

Sweekruth BP, the kathak dancer; Vidyashree Radhakrishnan, a bharatanatyam exponent and Rahul Acharya, an odissi expert, came on one platform, all united by their love for the art. 

None of the three compromised on their grace and exuberance and it was a visual treat for the audience. The event opened with a performance by odissi dancers of Nrityantar, which is headed by Madhulita Mohapatra. The majestic dancers of the troupe paid an obeisance to Lord Jagannath, a tradition that has come down from Orissa. 

Sweekruth BP made a grand entry and started the evening by dancing to the tunes of Swami Neenu Shashwatha Neenu, a vachana in raga Bhairavi, choreographed by him. The graceful dance, complex footwork and intricate movements left the audience mesmerised. 

Rahul Acharya was able to stun the audience with a devotion-driven dance, set to raga Desh. He exhibited precision in his artistry and style and the soothing effect of the raga reflected in his dance. 

Vidyashree Radhakrishnan continued to hold the attention with her elegant steps, powerful moods and realistic expressions.  

It was an appealing sight to witness the perfect performances as the dancers were composed and at ease throughout the show. Sarita, a member of the audience, said, “I am glad that the show fell on a Sunday so that I could make it. I wouldn’t have missed this for anything. All the performers today are fine dancers and took care of nuances in their movements. This is important as it connects the performer to the audience and the art.” 
She added that Bangalore was a bustling hub for dance. “Though bharatanatyam is one of the most popular dances in the South, odissi has also gained popularity,” he said. Peter, another visitor, said, “I love dance for the same reason as everyone else — the movements and grace.

I came to watch the event with my son and daughter and want them to learn as well.” Despite being tuned to different schools, the artistes performed to perfection, with their unique skills and artistry. The seductive odissi, powerful bharatanatyam and graceful kathak reached out to the audience.