Unity in diversity

Unity in diversity

'OHANA 2014'

The students of St Joseph’s College of Business Administration welcomed the first-year PGDM students into the Josephite family in style and splendour recently with an event called Ohana 2014. 

The name Ohana symbolises family and the students believe that with the unity that binds them together, they can make anything happen.    

   The day began with a show – ‘Joseph’s Got Talent’ – which brought forth an impressive display of versatile talent by the first-year students.

 From some fabulous singing and brilliant rapping to fantastic dancing and heart-touching street plays, the event had it all! It was an amalgamation of pure talent, teamwork and innovation at its best. The afternoon then commenced with an initiation ceremony formally welcoming the first-year students into the family. 

This was followed by a series of games imbibing team work, healthy competition, a sense of belonging, love and laughter. With Ohana 2014, the college built a strong team of individuals who promise to stand by each other, support one an other and keep alive the Josephite motto of Fide et Labore.