'I wish I could stay longer'

'I wish I could stay longer'

Flamboyant Look

It takes courage to blend fashion and music although it is not something unheard off.

 Rock, metal and hip-hop artistes have pursued fashion in some form or the other along with their music. But DJ Missill from France is different. She not only offers something new in terms of her music, but also does the artwork of her albums. In fact, she can be called a ‘one-woman-industry’ thanks to her creations. 

In the City to perform at Humming Tree recently, she says, “My music is what I always wanted to hear. So I use a lot of fusion. I firmly believe that music is heading towards fusion. That is why there are a lot of elements in my music.”

Missill, ‘the super-heroine’, had been successful in creating her own ultra-dynamic style. That includes doing her own artwork, clothes line, music instruments, video games, iPhone app and videos clips. She has also decorated clubs in France, Moscow and Turkey with her designs.

She goes on, “I always pursue my musical style with all my heart. I use my knowledge and skills of graphic design and graffiti to create my own backdrop and album covers. This also helps me  musically because I often create my music based on what I draw and vice-versa.”

Her love for music, she says, started at the age of three. Since then, it’s always been close to her heart. She has been incorporating various forms like hip-hop and rock into her music. “I use various elements in my music such as kicks, beats, soft and hard styles, thereby giving a good impact to the sounds I create. This is what makes me unique for the fans,” she adds.

About Bangalore, she says, “While I was here, I saw a temple painted with vibrant colours, which I captured on my phone. It had a brilliant mix of colours and I thought it was amazing. I’m awe-struck with the beauty here. I like the women in glittering clothes”. 

She said that if she had more time here, she could have learnt a few desi styles. Music, she believes, should send vibes, electrify the senses and give the listener goosebumps. “I stay in Berlin and there is a lot of techno music happening there.

 I love all genres and I like to incorporate elements like sounds from video games. I also like elements in Japanese culture that I brought into my last album titled Kawaii, which means sweet. I wish I could stay here longer so that I can learn a bit about Indian culture,” she adds.