Saying 'I do' to cha cha cha!

Saying 'I do' to cha cha cha!

Metrolife takes a look at the trend followed by many Bangalore-based young couples, who go in for dance and music classes prior to their weddings

Saying 'I do' to cha cha cha!

Ganesh and Anita.

Be it attending dance or music classes, these couples make sure their weddings guests are entertained to the hilt. Metrolife takes a look at the trend.

Based in Taiwan, Jack and Sangeeth are getting married this month in Bangalore. “We are here for a short time for our wedding. And since both of us love dance and music, we opted for a month’s course in jive and waltz,” says Jack. “We had always wanted to do this course, and the wedding was just an added incentive.” He adds, “We then had a song picked out and practiced to it.”

Adds his fiancée Sangeeth, “We haven’t danced together before, so this is a great opportunity.” It’s not just dancing that’s keeping this soon-to-be-married couple busy. “We will be having a nice, fancy wedding in Goa so we have been shopping a lot. Despite appointing a wedding planner, we are trying to do as much as possible by ourselves. For instance, customising flip flops for the guests, designing our invites, creating lanterns to be used at the wedding and so on,” she says.

IT professionals Anita and Ganesh, who are based in the United States, also took salsa lessons before coming to Bangalore for their wedding. “We attended salsa classes for a couple of days in our apartment in Austin,” says Anita. “We had always wanted to do something together,” she adds. But the wedding, which took place recently, was a South Indian one. “So we didn’t do the salsa anyway,” she laughs. However, Anita feels that it is the pressure to showcase their talent and look good that make people opt for classes like these. “Everyone wants to look good and
show his or her creative side at family functions,” she feels.

Ree from Dance Around the Clock, a dance company that offers packages for soon-to-be-married couples, feels that such courses are a lot in demand. “We had a number of people inquiring about the same, so we started the course,” she says.
The couples can choose from an array of dances. They can also choose the music they want to dance to. “For instance, couples going for a Punjabi or North Indian wedding prefer to learn bhangra or Bollywood dances. If it’s a Christian wedding, then the couples prefer dancing to rock ‘n’ roll,” informs Ree.

The choreography is tailor-made to suit the couples’ requirements. “They can choose a time and date and as the wedding day comes closer, we keep giving them rehearsals,” she adds. So if your wedding is around the corner, maybe it’s time for you to put on those dancing shoes and do cha cha cha!