Govt plans idea boxes to improve work culture

Govt plans idea boxes to improve work culture

Govt plans idea boxes to improve work culture

Idea boxes may soon greet employees in Central government offices where they can submit out-of-the-box suggestions for improving work culture.

This and eight other new initiatives like employee of the month award, appointing mentors for new employees have been suggested by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) for adoption by ministries and departments.

The ministries and departments could try out these measures as a human resource management tool to motivate industrious employees, a senior official said.

The DoPT suggested that the ministries could install idea boxes in their department to solicit innovative ideas from employees to improve the government functioning and to create a conducive work culture.

The DoPT has already installed similar boxes in its offices.

Another suggestion was the introduction of a new non-monetary incentive in the form of an annual award of “Certificate of Excellence” and Employee of the Month award to recognise the contribution of its meritorious employees of the level of under secretary and below.

Mentoring new comers by an officer two levels above are also proposed so that the fresher is sensitised about the department and dealing with court cases and Parliamentary matters.

“The mentoring process is for a period of six months,” the DoPT said.

A one-week training with specific focus on the department related functions and a field visit outside Delhi, meetings with ministers and senior officers in an open house system could also be adopted.