Imparting aromatic flavours

Imparting aromatic flavours


Imparting aromatic flavours

Experimental: Abhijit Saha demonstrating a recipe.

Chef Abhijit Saha and his team demonstrated simple yet impressive recipes for Bangalore’s culinary enthusiasts as part of their cookery workshop series.
“We are on a mission to demystify the secrets of gourmet cooking and share them with any one passionate about food. You don’t have to go to culinary school to cook like a gourmet chef.”

 “Many people are looking for new ideas to try or simply wish to improve their cooking skills to impress guests, friends and family with a fabulous meal,” says Kripal Amanna.
“We teach you simple techniques that you can incorporate into your cooking to spice up your dinner table without professional restaurant experience. It’s easier than you might think,” said Abhijit and proceeded to take the enthusiastic gathering through the first set of workshops in the series, La Cucina Italiana, that encompassed various classical and modern Italian dishes and cooking methods.
“This is an ongoing exercise via a group mentoring approach on a Saturday afternoon.”
 “Each workshop will have three small batches of eight participants, who will be trained to prepare a set of appetiser, main course and desserts, under the  guidance of professional chefs concluding with a four-course Chef’s Select Lunch,” he added.

Mastering some of the techniques at the demo would help even the novice chef look like a pro. Right from making elegant appetisers of chicken with ham and sage, to a creamy shrimp rissotto with an interesting chilly and coriander twist to delicately flavoured pears poached in white wine, there were recipes demonstrated that were easy to follow and prepare at home.

Plating the food attractively, imparting flavours to a dish by using properly prepared stock and adding wine in marinades or sauces for a special dish, lots of tips and information were imparted to the participants in the course of the morning workshop. The recipes and many of the tips were also compiled into an attractive booklet which they could take back with them.

The series of workshops that began with La Cucina Italiana workshop will continue  every six weeks covering topics like Spanish Fiesta and Cook like a Pro.