Concerned over Bills passed without discussion in Par: Speaker

Concerned over Bills passed without discussion in Par: Speaker

"Passions were running very high. We had to think about it," she said when asked why the session was adjourned today instead of Monday.

Talking to reporters, Kumar said while she was "concerned" about important bills being passed without discussions, government business had to be completed.  A host of important bills like those relating to Trade Marks and extension of relief from ceiling in Delhi were passed without discussion in the din over Telangana issue.

Replying to a question whether a solution was feasible on the Telangana issue, she said "We have a democratic platform. We have seasoned leaders and some solution would emerge".

Whether it was fair for a small section of members stalling the proceedings, Kumar said majority of them were disciplined and committed to the smooth functioning and "certainly very small minority" disrupt the House. However, she said "I will try my best" to correct the situation.

How about using marshals at the time of disruption?, "I do not think I am in favour of it", she said.

Appreciating Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari for his efforts to ensure the Question Hour runs smoothly despite absence of members, the LS Speaker said she would take a similar initiative. "I hope the Lok Sabha Rules Committee will take it up", Kumar added.

The Question Hour in Lok Sabha had collapsed one of the days during this session due to absence 28 members who had given notices. Kumar said she would try her best for ensuring 100-day sitting but smooth functioning was more important irrespective of number of days the House sits. To a question about Union chemicals and fertiliser minister M K Alagiri's desire to reply in Tamil to questions in the House, Kumar said she has invited him to discuss the issue.