Hurdles and challenges

Hurdles and challenges

Success, especially the stupendous kind, strikes one only when a person strives for it steadfastly. And success, be it of any sort, seldom comes swimmingly, since often there are several intimidating hurdles, in the path to success. And to surmount them is indeed a challenge by itself.

Incidentally, each one of us is confronted by copious challenges at every curve of life. Like, for young students, it’s indeed a great challenge to achieve thumping academic success. The hurdles for them could be in the form of myriad kinds of diversions and distractions, waiting to deflect their focus from studies.

For business tycoons, it’s a real challenge, to constantly exercise their business acumen, so as to squirrel more whopping wealth. The hurdles could be in form of occasional setbacks, with business slumping.

For career-oriented folks, it’s an exciting challenge to reach the dizzying heights of success in their professional arena. The hurdles could be in the form of wily detractors, pulling them down the career ladder! For home-makers, fostering harmony at home-front is a true challenge. The hurdles could be in the form of nefarious-minded relatives, trying to disrupt and derail the peace parameters at home!

Interestingly, among the two types of hurdles – the tangible and intangible, the aforesaid hurdles are the ones that could be bracketed under the tangible. Here, they are evident and obvious. Hence, surmounting such hurdles wouldn’t be a monumental task, especially if you have a steely persona, along with oodles of spunk and gung-ho attitude.

On the contrary, there are those self-built intangible hurdles, which actually are the true hurdles, throwing actual challenges at you. For instance, you have plans of pursuing an exciting short-term educational course or a rank-new career. It could also be as simple as launching a fitness drive, to whittle off wads of your waist flab. Now, trying to thwart your plans of embarking on this new venture would be those ‘intangible hurdles’ in the form of fear of failure, feelings of diffidence, misgivings, a capricious and vacillating mind, and so on. More than all these, it’d also be that slothful and complacent attitude!

Now, surmounting these hurdles is indeed a gargantuan challenge, especially when you are in a comfort zone, skeptical about exploring un-traversed terrains. Perhaps what it requires here is that unflinching determination and indefatigable gusto, to take up new challenges. Of course, if one has that pertinacious never-say-die attitude, then it’s an added bonanza!

Once we have these qualities, we’d not just cross, but would vault across any hurdle, swiftly and seamlessly. After all, no hurdle is insuperable, just as no problem in life is unsolvable. Once we realize this, on encountering even a sea of hurdles, we’d certainly learn to swim rather than sink!

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