Made of heavy metal

Made of heavy metal

Made of heavy metal

The City has always offered a great platform for all musicians and those aspiring to be one. A Bangalore-based Kannada rock band Sarvasva is unique in many ways.

It is not only the first Kannada rock band but it also has a a female vocalist, Sangeetha. And that’s not all! She is the founder of the band and a songwriter too.

Sangeetha, who started singing when she was three to four-years-old. She spoke to Metrolife about the genesis of Sarvasva.

“I started the band two years ago. Before that, I was in a well placed IT job in London. I quit the job to return home to Bangalore and pursue my passion of music which I always felt dearer than anything else. I seek my inspiration from rock and symphonic metal bands from Europe. I wanted to combine these elements into my mother tongue Kannada and make songs in it,” she says.

“This is a new concept for the Kannada audience. I always had a few people walk up to me and ask me why I was screaming or head-banging which they haven’t be exposed to. But the music and the videos are being loved abroad. We also got to perform a song for one of the Kannada movies — Aane Pataki. From being a playback singer to reaching this stage, where I have my own band, is a big achievement,” she adds.

Sangeetha finds a lot of challenges in the way. “I practise a lot. I also use a lot of emotions in my music and this is what makes me compose a song which is well appreciated by the audience.”

Sangeetha smiles when asked what genre she loves the most.

“I love the romantic tune. I connect well and soft tunes go well with me. I haven’t learnt any instrument so most of the music I compose is just by humming a tune based on my mood. I sing in a wide variety of pitches. And that’s what helps me in creating metal music in Kannada”