No way forward

No way forward

No way forward

The Residency Road Flyover has undergone a number of changes from the time it was first opened to the public. Today, it is one of the busiest and chaotic roads in the City. 

Asha, a student, who travels on the flyover on a daily basis, says, “Traffic jam is common here especially from 7.45 am to 8.30 am and from 3.20 pm to 4.30 pm. This is due to the number of schools on this road. So before and after school hours, there is a massive traffic block here.”  

Once you are on the flyover, you can’t be sure of reaching your destination on time. Praveen K, an auto driver, says, “This road has one college and about three schools and they all have the same schedule. So when the children are being dropped or picked up from school, the traffic on this road makes it impossible for one to travel on it. In fact, it is piled up all the way to Brigade Road and even Subbaiah Circle.”

He isn’t the only auto driver to face this problem. Another auto driver, Ashok KH, says it’s an everyday struggle. “The traffic is at its worst in the mornings and afternoons. The school vans and autos, that are parked on this road throughout the day, make the situation worse,” he says.

It’s an ironic situation considering that the purpose of a flyover is to avoid traffic jams. The rapid increase in the number of vehicles in the City could be a reason for this. As Rajesh M, a professional states, “It’s funny to see a traffic jam on a flyover.

I haven’t seen a situation like this in any other part of the world. The pile-up is so bad that one is stuck here for at least half an hour.” While on other roads one can at least take a diversion, on a flyover, there is no way out.

Raju, a commuter, says, “This flyover serves no purpose. In fact, it adds to the jam. What’s worse is that many people get impatient and end up turning around when they see the jam on the flyover. This causes all the more confusion and blocks the traffic on the other side.”

Says B Dayananda, additional commissioner of police (traffic), “The commuters shouldn’t resort to turning around especially on a flyover. The traffic will be plying in fast on the opposite side. Turning around can prove to be risky not just for motorists but even fellow commuters on the road. We are looking into this and trying to find a solution.”