'We have a wonderful relation'

'We have a wonderful relation'

Actors Ajay Devgn and Kareena Kapoor were in the City to promote their upcoming film ‘Singham Returns’. “Lots of people we met, cops included, asked us to make a sequel to ‘Singham’. But we didn’t have a script and it was our job to get hold of the right one,” he says.

He says their movie is nothing like the Tamil ‘Singham 2’. “It’s a completely different script and has no connection to the one that the South has produced.” There has been a lot of buzz around the release date, which has been scheduled for August 15. “The film releasing on that day is apt. It connects with corruption and independence and not just in the physical sense. Independence can mean people fighting for their rights. There is that connect here,” says Ajay.

The movie has gotten people talking for its expensive action scenes. “If an action scene is expensive that doesn’t mean it’s good. Our scenes were creative and the costs were high for some of them because some of the sequences demanded that,” adds Ajay.  Kareena described working with Ajay as a lot of fun. “We have a wonderful relation. When he says something it’s either funny or wise. He was quite naughty before but he’s mellowed down now. I think the brooding image works for him,” she adds.  
She doesn’t think she will ever be able to do a full-fledged action role. “I’m more of the dance type,” she jokes. When asked what changes marriage have had on her, she just smiled coyly. But Ajay adds, “She thinks she’s become more sensible! No, just kidding. Everyone grows and matures with responsibility.” 

With their plates full for a while, they hardly have time for family or friends. “We have forgotten every other passion but acting and watching movies,” says Ajay. How does the Kareena manage work and marriage? “Every relation requires nurturing and respect - some things work out and others don’t,” adds Kareena.  They also shared their love for the City.

“I love coming to Bangalore. I don’t come much now but I have a few friends here. Earlier we used to come often and those days it was famous for pubs. Most times we had to cancel the shoot because we couldn’t wake up in the morning,” says Ajay.
“I shot my last film here with Imran and we had lots of fun,” Kareena sums up.