Surveillance in place

Surveillance in place

Surveillance in place

While the flower show at Lalbagh is on in full swing, the main attraction of this year is the replica of Mysore Palace. It has been created using three lakh Dutch roses.

The various flower replicas and models are a feast to the eye and is sure to attract a lot more people this year. 

Meanwhile, efforts have been made to tighten the security for the flower show. There are not less than 250 security men deployed on weekdays and another 100 added on the weekends.

A couple of CCTV cameras have been installed at strategic points within Lalbagh to monitor the activities during the flower show. Gunavantha, Deputy Director of Horticulture, informs that there are around 35 to 40 CCTV cameras installed in and around Lalbagh which is monitored through a single point.

He also states that there are ambulances and about 400 dustbins placed at regular intervals to prevent people from littering the premises. 

The surveillance is not only inside Lalbagh, the authorities have taken enough measures to streamline and monitor traffic around Lalbagh as well.

“We expect the crowd to double by Independence Day. No vehicles will be allowed in Lalbagh. Moreover, there are other facilities for the public. On regular days, there are five toilets but we have added three more toilets to cater to the increasing visitors everyday,” says Gunavantha. 

The replica of the Mysore Palace attracted a lot of onlookers with people clicking selfies in front of the replica. The Palace was complete with models of elephants, kings, their attendants...all strung together with bright red and white roses. 

“I have been visiting the flower show for the last eight years but this time it’s amazing. We have seen the Mysore Palace and we never thought that the palace could look this beautiful with the flower decoration. It looks exactly like the original,” says Manu, a visitor. 

There were not only flower decorations but those with vegetables as well. “I am from The Netherlands and I have seen many flower shows in 

my country but what I liked was the Indian style of buildings and the way the flowers were decorated,” says Godfried. Lalbagh is any shutterbug’s delight. Nagaraj, a photographer, says, “There are not many places in the City for photo enthusiasts to click pictures but this show has given me the opportunity to click some amazing photos.” 

The entry fee has been hiked this year. There are also eco-friendly vehicles moving around Lalbagh to take the visitors on a quick tour of the show.