When grandeur came calling

When grandeur came calling

When grandeur came calling

The grand finale of the eleventh edition of the Myntra ‘Bangalore Fashion Week’ was held in style with glittering designs and stylish creations on the ramp.

The show saw the best in the fashion industry showcase a perfect blend of works. This included creations by top designers like Abhinandana Shetty, Amita Gupta and Sonia Joy and Ria Joy. 

The show started off with designs by the team of DreamZone, followed by innovative designs by other designers. Despite the delay between the different sequences, the guests waited patiently and each sequence had music accompanying it to set the right mood.

The designs experimented with detailing and were different from each other. They blended contemporary and traditional styles. Abhinandana Shetty’s collection, ‘Eclipse’, consisted of garments in bright colours, inspired by the sun, moon and  sky.

Amita Gupta’s ‘Romancing The Bling’ collection was about a woman who is glamourous, sensuous and getting ready for her wedding.

Debarun’s designs showcased a sense of relaxation. The designer’s penchant for a classic look with patterns varying from geometric, complementary and ‘the feel of being busy without overdoing the same’ was visible. Sonia Joy and Ria Joy’s collection ‘Majori’, inspired by primary colours with bold lines and strong abstract prints featured heavily in the collection. 

Outfits, varying from saris to anarkalis, in a plethora of pastel colours like dusty rose, lilac, lavender and ice blue by Kalanjali, were also showcased. Sobitha Dhulipala, ‘Miss India Earth 2013’, walked the ramp in one of the designs for this sequence. She, who holds the City close to her heart, said that the fashion here in the City was like none other.

“Every fashion week has an agenda and a character. Bangalore Fashion Week is associated with glamour, grandeur and tradition with a mix of modern styles. It is a perfect blend,” she said. She also added that the show had a ‘multiple mood palate’.The fashion week ended with Asima and Leena’s Mughal inspired ensembles.

This bridal collection stunned everyone with the innovations done on the costumes. About their collection, the designer duo, Ashima and Leena, proudly said that after each collection ended, they would start working on the next one. 

“We have tried to include the ‘gharana’ feel in this collection. Every woman has a little princess inside her and that is the emotion we have tried to capture in this collection,” said Ashima.

Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan, who walked for  the designer duo, was the showstopper. She said, “Fashion is great in Bangalore. Usually, Mumbai and other places are seen as the hub of fashion in the industry, and to have such a week dedicated to designs is exciting. Also, since Ashima and Leena are one of my favourite designers, it was a pleasure walking the ramp.”