Underprivileged women to receive hygiene lessons

Underprivileged women to receive hygiene lessons

The Delhi government has arranged a three-day-long programme to create awareness on maintaining hygiene during menstrual cycles among underprivileged women.

The scheme of menstrual hygiene management is being implemented through the Gender Resource Centre-Suvidha Kendras (GRC-SKs).

The events will be held as a part of the week-long Independence Day celebration ‘mega cleanliness drive’ organised by the city government.

At least 260 community mobilisers or field workers of the GRC will be educated on the necessity of personal hygiene from August 12-14 at the Delhi Secretariat.
The most persistent problem existing among underprivileged women is the taboo associated with menstrual cycle.

They often feel shy to speak about their regular cycles and do not access basic health care facilities. Also, these young girls have access to little information about how to maintain hygiene, which makes them vulnerable to infections. Also, few have access to sanitary napkins available at affordable prices.

The programme aims to help these women grapple with problems related to menstruation better. The field workers will be informed on adolescent health, problems faced during menstruation, dealing with the perceived taboo, better health practices and how to disseminate information on this issue to their peers.

“A healthy woman makes a healthy home, community, society and nation. Personal cleanliness and hygiene of a woman makes her healthy,” said Dr Madhu Teotia, director, Mission Convergence, Samajik Suvidha Sangam.

Mission Convergence is a flagship programme of the Delhi government, which aims to strike a balance among government departments, community based organisations and the people for upliftment of the underprivileged.

Women are prone to diseases such as cervical cancer and bacterial vaginosis due to unhealthy menstrual sanitary practices.

“The maximum beneficiaries must be reached out for using sanitary napkins, which are now made available at affordable prices. Knowledge handbook and information, education and communication material are also being provided to all participants,” Teotia added.

The combined efforts of the organisation and field workers have helped them sell 8.4 lakh sanitary napkins so far. Sanitary napkins are now available at every GRC.

“Samajik Suvidha Sangam through its network of 130 GRCs is making headway in changing the way menstrual hygiene is dealt with in slums,” said Teotia.