It's not just Nachos

It's not just Nachos

Mexican Trip

It's not just Nachos

Cosy on the terrace of UB City, away from the clutter of Bangalore’s traffic, rests a doorway to the delights of the Mexican cuisine.

 Sancho’s is one of the younger restaurants to blossom on the lavish space, which plays host to a variety of international cuisines. 

What makes this quaint place different from the other restaurants that claim to serve ‘authentic Mexican food’ is that the ‘quesadilla’ isn’t a ‘rumali roti’ filled with ‘rajma’. Whether it is the standard ‘tortilla’ and ‘nacho’ that have been bagged, tagged and are on the shelves of every local supermarket or appetisers like the ‘habanero cottage cheese’ and ‘fish taquitos’, Sancho’s has made it a habit to perfect their dishes. If you are looking to jolt your taste buds a little, this is the place to be. The ‘habanero’ chilli is one of the spiciest of them all and is used judiciously in Mexican preparations. Even a mild dose is capable of putting those with a weak tongue on their knee so be prepared. 

According to Chef Vikas Seth, there aren’t many Mexican-styled restaurants that could compete with theirs. “We do a combination of authentic Mexican as well as Tex-Mex, which people are more familiar with. Starting from the basics, we are meticulous and make sure all our ingredients are as authentic as possible. Even our ‘nachos’ is different in the way we present it,” he says. The restaurant has something called the ‘fiesta nachos’ which is ‘tortilla’ chips over a bed of refried beans, topped with yellow corn ‘tortilla’ chips, cheese sauce, ‘pico de gallo’ salsa, gaucamole, sour cream, olives and japapenos. 

If you aren’t already salivating, there’s still more in store for you. The desserts are sinful and play to sooth your tastebuds after the main course. The tres leches or the ‘three milk bread’ is a traditional Caribbean dessert that has it’s roots in Mexico and is an oddity in Bangalore. 

Sancho’s however, whips up a sweet helping of the milky dish. Churros, the Spanish version of a donut, can also be relished at this fine-dining restaurant. Owned by 22-year-old Karan Virwani, and 24-year-old Siddharth Mankani, the restaurant is their way of bringing international cuisines to the City.

 Siddharth says, “We thought that Indians would be able to relate to the Mexican cuisine because it mainly has rice, beans and lots of spices. The idea was to add some comfort food to the City but with an international touch to it.”  With light Mexican tunes in the background, an evening at Sancho’s is guaranteed to be a fun one. For details,  call 41734151.