A meaningful connection

A meaningful connection

Moulding Aspirations

A meaningful connection

It is one-of-a-kind creative platform in Domlur where exhibitions, conferences and workshops take place.

This open space gallery, called ‘Thalam  - A creative space for creative minds’, was opened in last February by Dilip and PeeVee, two enterprising men to promote and bring together emerging photographers, artistes, writers, designers and even cooks — from amateurs to celebrated ones. 

“This is a space for artistes to speak and share their experiences and for the audience to listen, all under one roof.  We have a lot of people coming in and talking about their passion and transfering knowledge — be it photographers, musicians or artists. The workshops we have conducted include pinhole-camera workshop, light-painting workshop and photography exhibitions,” says PeeVee, one of the co- founders of ‘Thalam’. 

The constant move to connect to different artistes involves multiple pushes.    PeeVee says, “Heavy research is done to find the artistes and bring them to ‘Thalam’. Friends also help us connect to different people. A selection process is involved on who exactly will come to showcase their work. We work on end-to-end solutions — from media to design and publicity.”  PeeVee, along with his friend and colleague Dilip, started ‘Thalam’. 

   “Dilip and I were close friends, and now business partners. We decided on the name because of its multiple meanings — such as space, foundation or open field.”A self-sustained startup, the journey is filled with a lot of challenges. “It’s difficult to find the artistes, as well as the audience. It’s a huge process that involves research, coordination, and understanding their requirements. Audience reception for art in Bangalore is  less. Lack of funding and sponsorships is another challenge,” he adds. 

From promoting artistes like Vishal Misra, Anu Vittal and Greeshma Patel, PeeVee fondly recollects some of the most memorable moments in their journey. 

   “‘Thalam’ once showcased a photography exhibition called ‘Picturing Change’, where five ‘anganwadi’ employees were given a camera, trained in photography by Greeshma Patel and were asked to take pictures about their daily lives. This was very well received. We also had an art exhibition by Anu Vittal from Canada which had a wide audience.” 

Despite startups like ‘Thalam’, PeeVee adds such creative ventures are still in their nascent stage and have a long way to go. “A key problem that artistes face is the lack of funds on sale of their work. Even celebrated artistes find it difficult to make a name. We need more startups and places to promote creative genres.” However, despite this, PeeVee talks with a hint of hope. 

   “Our spirt and vigour still continues despite all theobstacles we face. We aren’t going to give up.”