Nominated members may not attend CMC meet

The five members nominated by the State government to the CMC may not attend the council meeting on Monday.

As per KMC Act 1964 Section 2 (1) (B), the State government had nominated Kodagu district Congress minority unit general secretary K U Abdul Razak, Madikeri town unit secretary C A Shyam Kumar, Block Congress Committee General Secretary K A Monappa, Madikeri town unit secretary Uday Kumar and town unit member M U Rehana Begum. The notification on nomination was issued on June 27.

Along with the nominated members, the elected members take part in the council meeting. As per the rules, the invitation to the council meeting should be sent seven days in advance. However, the nominated members have not received the invitation till Sunday. “None from the CMC invited us to attend the meeting,” said nominated member Abdul Razak to Deccan Herald.

“I had written a letter to clarify on the invitation to CMC Commissioner on August 13.” In her letter, CMC Commissioner B B Pushpavathi said “the order on the nomination to the CMC is yet to reach from Urban Development. Till we get order copy from the department, the President has asked us not to send copy and invitation to the council meeting.”

District Project Director in his letter to the CMC Commissioner dated August 14 has said “the order on  nomination of five members to the council has reached our office. The order copy is genuine. As per the rules, invtation can be sent to the five nominated members to attend the meeting.” Abdul Razak said, “we have received order from the government in its letter dated July 3. The order copy has been sent to the office of the CMC Commissioner.”

Another nominated member said, “we had given our order copy to the Commissioner. Even the Project Director has clarified on our nomination. Inspite of it, the CMC has not invited us to attend the meeting. We will question it in the court.”