Intoxicated man runs over 13 people with his SUV; one dead

Intoxicated man runs over 13 people with his SUV; one dead

A youth was killed and 12 others were injured when an SUV driven by a drunk property dealer ran over homeless people sleeping on a pavement in north Delhi’s Kashmere Gate on Sunday night.

The driver, who tried to flee, was caught by people around and handed over to the police.

Twenty-year-old Iqraj, a vagabond, succumbed to his injuries at a trauma centre on Monday morning.

Eyewitnesses said there were dozens of homeless people sleeping on the pavement between two roads close to Nigam Bodhi Ghat. The SUV climbed on the pavement, injuring people on the way, and came to a halt because of a broken portion of the pavement.

“Four persons were trapped under the car when it stopped. We toppled the vehicle to rescue them,” said Mohan, a ragpicker, one of the survivors.

Accused driver Rishi Kumar (30) was accompanied by a woman, who police said was his sister-in-law. While the woman emerged from the vehicle and stood by the roadside, eyewitnesses said Kumar tried to run away.

Sanjay, a 30-year-old ragpicker, said most of the people sleeping by the roadside had woken up immediately. Some of them chased and caught Kumar a few metres away from the accident site. Kumar had allegedly kept the engine on even after the accident and it was switched off only after people pulled out the key. “He was handed over to the police who arrived in five to seven minutes,” Sanjay told Deccan Herald.

He received minor injuries on his leg but is not among the 12 injured men. Sanjay was unaware of the make of the car that ran over his fellow homeless men around 10.15 pm. “It was like that big car,” he said, pointing at one of the several vehicles passing by that area.

Another eyewitness, Ramanand, who pushes vehicles over flyovers for a living, said he was on the other side of the road and awake at the time of the accident. “The driver had one hand on the steering and another outside the vehicle’s window,” he recounted.