Khadi, now with a twist

Khadi, now with a twist

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Khadi, now with a twist

Fashion designers Amin Farista and his partner Roopali have ventured into a unique avenue of clothes designing.

While most people work with popular fabrics like chiffons, silks and georgettes, Amin and Roopali have made it their mission to popularise khadi. 

“With the temperature rising, India is going away from the ‘fabric of the nation’ - that’s why we are introducing this to the newer generations. We want to create a fabric which is going to be the future,” says Amin, on his recent visit to the City. He adds, “You can use khadi in as many ways as you want and this is what we try to present with our clothing line. All our products are in khadi and we work solely with it. For the past 13 years, we have been working on khadi.”   Why did they choose to work with khadi? “I am crazy about it and have been working on since I became a designer. I love the texture, the pulled me into this field,” says Amin. “He is a magician and can put magic into the fabric,” says Roopali, who is too modest to take any credit for her share of the work. 

The two, although having their fair share of experience in the field, have just ventured into it professionally. “I have been a professional designer for the past two years only. Otherwise I used to do it as a hobby,” says Amin, who is actually a businessman with a diploma in designing. 

“Before this, our pace wasn’t that good. Now we have decided to make it a full time thing because of his love for designing,” says Roopali. 

As newcomers to the blossoming fashion industry, how are they finding it? “Using khadi in itself is a major challenge. A lot of designers also use it but not as their only fabric. I have recently decided to make it fine and thin because people think khadi is supposed to be thick and heavy and I wanted to bring people to wear to the ‘page three’ parties,” says Amin.  “People think khadi is synonymous with politicians so we are redoing the texture. To make khadi products is difficult when compared to other fabrics because it looks dull but I say it is a spiritual and moral fabric,” he sums up.