Because it's show time...

Because it's show time...

Because it's show time...

In this age of reality shows, a lot of talent is coming to the fore. However, among millions, only a few manage to make it big. What about the others who go unnoticed? It’s this thought that prompted Sharan V Makhija, a Bangalore-based entrepreneur to start the website — — around a year ago.

“There was no real thought process behind it. I just got the idea from various people talking about how arts and sports need more exposure,” says the BBM graduate from Seshadripuram College who used to be a golfer himself.

Sharan, who also owns an advertising company and construction business, feels that “people lead a virtual life nowadays”. 

“The concept was in my head for a long time and then my advertising team started to work on it. We went live in the middle of April last year. We now have 2500 registered users and over 20,000 visitors,” he notes.

“I would watch the talent shows on TV at times and would see only the top 15 to 20 contestants getting the right exposure. I would often wonder what happened to the thousand others who applied?” he asks.  On the website, one can create a portfolio and also stand a chance to win various attractive prizes.

“They can win cash prizes for being the best dancer or artiste of the month,” explains Sharan. The site not only provides a platform for talented people to showcase their talent, but also the bridges the gap between its users and the market. “We do a lot of talent recruitment too. For instance, if an event management company wants a model or someone hosting a party wants a DJ, we immediately cater to their needs.”

The feedback has been encouraging, he notes. Some of the illustrious users of the website include Sagarika Shyam and Roshini Joseph, basketball players; ‘One Night Stand’, a band, Anchal Singh, a top model and an up-and-coming actress and Raj Reddy, a world yoga champion. Sagarika Shyam, who has played basketball on a national level, is amazed at the website.

“I have played over 350 matches in the last eight years. When I came across this website wh­ich also had sports as one of the categories, I realised I co­uld put all my achievements online. And I really like the portfolio option. Besides, you also gain followers who are cal­led as ‘fans’ on the site. Th­at’s very exciting,” she sums up.