More women cops for city

More women cops for city

LG mulls 30 per cent quota for them in Delhi Police

The government is planning to introduce 30 per cent reservation for women in the Delhi Police.

Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung on Friday said he is considering recruiting 30 per cent women in the police force.

The announcement comes at a time when a government report says the sex ratio at birth in Delhi has slightly improved in 2013 compared to 2012.

“Reservation for women is required in every profession but it is needed the most in the Delhi Police. The women police officers will be a great help in dealing with cases related to crime against women,” Jung told Deccan Herald.

“Apart from this, hiring women in the police will also play a major role in women’s empowerment,” he said. 

Sex ratio

According to government data, the sex ratio at birth was recorded as 895 females to 1,000 males in 2013, against 886 girls in 2012.

The annual report on registration of births and deaths in Delhi also recorded a decrease in infant mortality rate.

The infant mortality rate at per thousand live births decreased from 23.93 in year 2012 to 22.37 during 2013, the report said.

“The total number of births registered in Delhi during 2013 were 3.70 lakh as compared to 3.60 lakh during 2012 and 3.54 lakhs during 2011 as per the Report on Registration of Births and Deaths prepared by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics for the year 2013. The average number of births per day works out to 1,014 in 2013 as compared to 988 in 2012,” a government statement said.

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent remarks on construction of toilets for women, the LG is going to launch a surprise check at government-run schools.

“I will personally visit the schools to check whether the toilets are working or not,” he said.