'Production involves a lot of hard work'

'Production involves a lot of hard work'

'Production involves a lot of hard work'

Despite being Upendra’s wife, Priyanka Upendra has carved her own identity in Kannada and Bengali cinema.

She looked beautiful in a black and pink embroidered anarkali dress as she spoke to Metrolife at a fashion show held by the Smile Foundation recently.

When asked how it is to be married to a superstar, Priyanka says, “It’s fun. Gradually, people have come to know me as a person and I get a lot of love from the people here. I have my fans in Kolkata. I have my own identity there. So it’s nice.”

She is currently busy producing Uppi 2, which is directed by Upendra and stars him too.

 “Uppi 2 is coming up quite well and we have finished the first half of the filming. We have the songs and climax left. We will shoot the climax right after Ganesha Chaturthi. I’m learning a lot from Uppi; he is very supportive. He has a lot of confidence in me and without his support I wouldn’t have been able to take up such a big project,” adds Priyanka.  

What does Priyanka think about production work? “Production is tough. It involves a lot of hard work. I have stopped going to the gym as I’m losing weight because of work. It’s a lot of mental and physical work and balancing both career and family is difficult.”

But Priyanka likes to take things as and when they come.

“I try to do everything happily, and live in the moment and not think about the future or past.”
Family time for Priyanka is about having meals together. “During any important occasion, we are all present together. When I’m shooting, my mom or my mother-in-law takes care of the kids. I do not leave my kids alone with the workers. And when we are not working, we are always with our kids. Recently, we went to a resort  for a two-day break.”

Lately, Priyanka has been judging reality shows and has become popular amidst the television fraternity. “It’s something fun to do only for a while but doing it continually becomes repetitive. Now I want to try out new things. I love Kannada cinema because a lot of new people are coming to the industry and experimenting with their films, which is wonderful,” says Priyanka.

Priyanka recently signed a horror movie. “It’s not one of those cheesy, baseless horrors. It has got a lot of shades and a lot of scope for performance and I’m looking forward to that,” she sums up