Not just father and son

Not just father and son

Not just father and son

What’s in a name? Well, director PC Shekar believes there is a lot more to a name than what
appears to be.

He took a long time to pick the title for his project, Arjuna, featuring father-son pair — Devaraj and his son Prajwal.

He notes working with Devaraj and Prajwal has not only enriched his experience as a director but also inspired him to sketch out something truly unique for the two of them. He has done well to give both the actors their individual credits and has also made efforts to make sure their biology-backed chemistry sets the screen ablaze.

Shekar is also one of those directors who gets the movie buffs thinking. His films offer more than just entertainment.

Shekar states that he first picked the title, Kshatriya, but that name had already been bought by somebody else. “The title Arjuna has been chosen after much thought. It fits his character  in the movie. The film is a murder mystery. It revolves around a murder and the repercussions of the same,” explains Shekar. Malayalam actress Bhama is playing the female lead in the film.

Shekar states that he wanted an actress who could not only understand the essence of the character but is also dedicated. “We were looking for someone who could handle the character with ease and maturity. We found the right qualities in Bhama, who is known for her commitment and discipline,” he states.

Shekar points out that there aren’t any scenes of blood shed in the film. “The violence is subtle and not in the face and Prajwal has done well to portray both the calm and violent side that is
demanded of him for the script,” explains Shekar.

Devaraj is playing a cop in the film wherein Prajwal and Devaraj are always in conflict.
“I didn’t want them to play the usual father-son role, Devaraj is most remembered for his role as a cop and I wanted him to don the uniform once again,” shares Shekar.

He adds, “There’s a scene in the film where Devaraj and Prajwal come face-to-face and reel out some strong dialogues at each. Devaraj has very less dialogues and speaks more through his actions.”

Devaraj is thrilled that he and Prajwal haven’t been offered the usual father-son. “The script is very challenging and the two of us always come in conflict with each other. Every scene gives us a chance to explore various emotions,” confesses Devaraj.

What’s it like for Devaraj to don a cop’s role after a long time? “It’s a hangover of sorts. But all said and done, I am excited,” he signs off.

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