Kasab in denial mode, refuses to recognise friend

Kasab in denial mode, refuses to recognise friend

The terrorist denies speaking to one of the main Pakistani handlers Abu Hamza

Kasab in denial mode, refuses to recognise friend

The need to save his skin made him deny his friend Abu Ismail, who accompanied him on the terror spree on 26/11 night at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and Cama hospital. Ismail was killed by police at Girgaum Chowpatti, while Kasab was captured alive.
“Who is he, I do not know...I was not with him,” Kasab replied, when he was asked about Abu Ismail, the leader of the 10 Pakistani terrorists.

Kasab has been making his statement on the evidence— oral as well as documentary, such as live photographs, CCTV footages and confession made by him earlier—submitted by the prosecution before the special court conducting the 26/11 terror attacks trial.
The statement is a part of the procedure under section 337 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), and Kasab has been allowed to say whatever he want to say before the judge M L Tahilyani moves ahead.

The court has asked him about 450 questions since last five days, and his statement is yet to be concluded.

Replying to questions put to him by the judge, Kasab said “the confession recorded by magistrate was not read out to me, and it does not contain the truth.” If she (magistrate) can change my version, “then what can I say,” asked Kasab. “, The police,”  asked me to sign on a blank piece of paper, and I did so.”

Kasab denied his confession in totality, and insisted that “I did not arrive here by Kuber (fishing trawler), but by train.”

Replying to more questions, Kasab denied he and his accomplices having left behind a Global Positioning System (GPS) in Kuber while alighting from the boat. The GPS was recovered from Kuber, which had a return journey to Karachi stored in it.
The terrorist denied that he had talked to one of the main Pakistani handlers Abu Hamza from a satellite phone. “If I had talked to him, then my voice would have been recorded,” said Kasab.

The terrorist went back on his confession which said he had opened fire at police near Cama hospital and at Girgaum Chowpatty. “It did not happen, as I was not there,” he said.