Creative and captivating lines

A poet sings with words, Dinesh Holla of Mangalore sings with lines. An artist, he sketches lines of mere memory captured in different shades of water colours. Holla’s sketches are simple and steady, far expressive with the power of innovation of characters and expressions. Momentum is the core of his sketching. The strokes are very refined and shapes are carefully calculated conveying form and tone.

Detailing in his sketch gives volume and depth to the images. When we study Holla’s line art, we sense a brilliant impression of lines which at first glance, dazzles the onlooker commanding his full attention.

Holla gets inspiration from his lonely treks in green spaces and he projects the calmness obtained from it into beautiful, intersecting wedges. His visits to the tribes in the deep forest moulds his lines of dance. Some of his most fascinating creations include the depiction of Yakshagana performances and villagers dancing to the beating of drums The figures, particularly of women amplify the beauty of womanhood.

If you give complete attention, you can get a glimpse of the artist’s whole-hearted efforts to create something extraordinary. A distinct way of using the pen, a keen sense of the harmony of lines, an extraordinary visual memory, all have contributed to Holla’s style. Inspired by the noted artist, K K Hebbar, Holla has redefined the classical style into a new form.

Holla’s trekking adventures got his attention to kites and he even got into  Team Mangalore as a kite designer. Holla’s use of line work in the kites caught the attention of many international organisations.

Holla is the reason to the wider vision of Team Mangalore kites worldwide, glowing in the international skies with radiant colours, intensifying the pride of India. Opportunities of participating in international kite festivals at France, Italy, Singapore, Hongkong, Thailand, South Korea and Sri Lanka came a-calling.

Holla’s artistic career reached new heights at his first kite event. Once, during an event, it was raining heavily which confined everybody indoors. Being a versatile artist, Holla pulled out a sketching pad and sketched lines of Indian culture, captivating bystanders. It earned him many laurels. Holla’s on the spot dramatic sketches won him recognition at various other kite events.

Holla’s initial line art exhibition in 2012, in Dieppe, France had many visitors, young and old, pouring in, to tour Holla’s world of line drawing. People lined up asking for narration to his artwork. Holla’s art instituted a perfect way, showcasing the Indian art, culture and tradition to a great mix of international crowd through a week-long exhibition.

Organisers of International Kite Festival 2014, Dieppe, France invited Holla to exhibit his line art at its 18th International kite event from 6th-14th September. Holla exhibited 35 artworks framed in a shape of kite, depicting the nuances of Indian culture and traditions.

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