Try foot massage to boost energy levels

Balancing Yin, Yang

Gently pressurising and pulling the toe and showering all attention and care to your feet is not everyone’s cup of tea! Only an expert in foot reflexology can make you feel relaxed and lighter, after a tiring day at work!

Having done the running around throughout the day, it is relaxing to sit with legs stretched. Imagine the bliss if someone were giving a relaxing foot massage. Better still if the person knew the right technique reflexology that would ease, not just your feet but rejuvenate and energise the whole body. 

“Foot reflexology is based on the belief that there are reflex areas or zones that connect to the corresponding body part or the organ. Application of pressure and manipulation of these zones, balances the energy flow in the respective body part or organ. Over all, foot reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps to promote the natural function of the related areas of the body,” explains Dr Anand Kumar, Quan Spa Manager, JW Marriott Hotel New Delhi Aerocity.

This alternative medicine involves application of pressure to the feet with thumb, finger and hand techniques (with or without the use of oil or lotion) which is not known to many. Each area on our foot has a direct relation with a specific organ of our body. This is used by the experts to provide relief to the whole body by pressing different points only on the feet. 

“For example, application of pressure on the sinus points (located at the tip of our toes except the big toe) helps in balancing the facial sinus pain, relieves tension and stress-related headache,” Dr Kumar adds.

The principle of energy zones, and the disease and rejuvenation of energy pathways, has been known for centuries. Experts share that one of the earliest depictions of foot and hand therapy, as part of medical care, is illustrated in a painted, carved relief from the Tomb of the Physician in Saqqara, Egypt, dating 2330 BC. Since then, this theory has developed to present day where modern reflexology stimulates the circulation and nerve impulses to promote health throughout the ‘zones’ of the body. 

Everyone who knows how to massage, however, is not trained in reflexology. And it is important to know that “A trained reflexologist will be able to use a reflexology sequence on the feet to find reflex points or areas that are sensitive or out of balance. He will ask you several questions to verify his finding and to adjust his sequence and pressure points or area for correct energy balance,” says Rakovi Domeh, manager and trainer at Zen Spa, Gurgaon.

For general well-being, a 20 to 40-minute session is considered ideal. Though it is recommended that reflexology should be performed by professionals only, experts say that one can learn this for relaxation purpose. “It is not difficult to learn and apply,” says Domeh while Dr Kumar adds that one “needs a lot of practice to be more effective and accurate.”
Incase you don’t plan to learn or understand the intricacies of human anatomy, head to a reflexologist near you and let your mind and body relax while experiencing this therapy.

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