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School staff dump garbage

The staff members of Jyothi School, Kacharakanahalli, Hennur Main Road (near Campus Crusade) have been dumping waste, including plastics in the vicinity and setting it on fire everyday.

This has been causing a lot of inconvenience for the residents living around the school. The smoke emitted by the burning garbage has been causing breathing difficulties. The school has taken no heed of the repeated requests by the residents. The authorities concerned are requested to look into the issue.
Lincoln and residents in the surrounding areas.

Debris dumped on roadside

The drainage and footpath work at 18th Cross, Saraswathinagar, were completed in a month’s time. Even two months after the completion of the work, the construction material and  waste lay dumped on the road side. They have not been cleared by the authorities, thereby putting the road in a bad shape.

As the stretch acts as a short cut from Vijayanagar to Nagarabhavi Main Road, there is a lot of traffic. Authorities are requested to clear the waste.
P S Shenoy, Saraswathinagar, Vijayanagar.

Cattle trouble

A bunch of fi ve cows has become a cause of concern to the people. During peak hours every day, the cows cross the busy K R Road to reach their owner’s house located on Srirama Mandira Road. The cattle scatter garbage and mess up the entire stretch. Repeated complaints to the BBMP has fallen on deaf ears. The residents have met the BBMP representatives, MLA R V Devaraj and MP H N Ananth Kumar, on the matter.
B S Vishwanath,
Basavanagudi Residents’ Welfare Association

Fined for no fault

On September 19 around 4 pm, I boarded bus number 255E (from Jalahalii Cross to Deepak stop on Tumkur Road). I kept the money in my hand for buying the ticket, but the conductor was not seen. The bus moved up to Dasarahalli (just one stop) when somebody claiming to be an inspector wanted to see my ticket.
When I told him that I am yet to buy it, he demanded a fine from me for traveling without ticket.

There were three such people (inspectors) with whom I tried to reason out but they refused and were insisting on my paying the fine.

Arguments started and during the process they abused my verbally and physically.
When my stop came they didn't let me get down unless I pay which I had to do out of fear.

They took Rs 200 as fine and gave me a receipt. Calling BMTC help line wasn’t of much help either, as they kept on redirecting me from one number to another.
The whole incident led to my complete humiliation and left me mentally shattered.
Piyali Biswas

Road not  asphalted

The 11th Main Road, Peenya 3rd Phase, next to Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, has not been asphalted.

Around 2,000 citizens use the road every day. Complaints have been lodged with the local MLA, Palike engineer and the commissioner. The road comes under old ward number 38 and new ward number 42. The authorities concerned are requested to look into the matter immediately.
Janardhana Reddy

Prevent garbage dumping

A hand cart used for collecting garbage has been stationed in front of my house for the last several days. Residents in the locality keep dumping garbage in it. In spite of repeated requests to the pourakarmikas to remove the vehicle, it has not been done so.
Suhail Ahmed, Shivajinagar

Road in bad shape

It is pathetic to commute on Bommanahali and Arekere Roads. Heavy traffic and potholes put weary commuters to endless hardships. The stretches are also notorious for accidents and increased levels of pollution. Please save the commuters.
Nitin R Magal

Vacant site turns dumping yard

I am a resident of 9th Cross, RBI Layout, JP Nagar 7th Phase.  A huge vacant site adjacent to my house has been neglected by its owner, who is unknown. In spite of complaints to the BBMP office no action has taken place. The site is full of wild shrubs, weeds and garbage. Passersby relieve themselves and strays and bandicoots inhabit the space. It has also become a hang-out for anti-social elements.The police, as well as the BBMP, should inspect the areas regularly and keep a watch on such sites.

They should also refund the amount spent on cleaning the site and address the issue.
K N Chandrashekar

Prune tree branches

There are number of trees around BSK III stage (Kempegowda Layout) the branches of which extend from one end of the road to other end almost touching the power line. The BBMP/Forest department is requested to cut down the tree branches to ensure better lighting on the road.
Yoganand A N

Parked vehicles causing traffic jams

Between 9 am and 11 am, most of the BMTC buses at Richmond Circle bus stop (near Bishop Cotton Boys’ School) halt in the centre of the road. Since a major portion of the road is occupied with parked cars, school buses and autos, this leads to traffic jams.

The BMTC passengers find it difficult to board and alight the buses. The traffic police is requested to take immediate steps to clear the road of these parked vehicles.
Jagadeesh S,  Jayanagar

Drain left uncovered

A drain located in 1st Main, Kammanahalli Road, off Bannerghatta Road, behind Maruthi Dental College, was opened by the BBMP nearly five months ago for repair and has not been closed.

It is located at the intersection of two important roads and therefore major accidents are in the offing, if not closed soon. The situation is worse during night as the area is poorly lit. Recently a scooter got into the ditch with its owner suffering injuries. He had a herculean task in removing the vehicle. Hope the authorities will take necessary steps in closing the drain at the earliest.
S Ramesh,

Ply direct buses

There are no direct BMTC bus service from Thindlu to Shivajinagar. The authorities concerned are requested to introduce direct services. The BMTC is also requested to ply one or two Volvo buses each to Majestic, K R Market and Shivajinagar on a trial basis.
Naveen M

Instal streetlights

There are no streetlights on Lakshmipura Road in Abbigere. The authorities concerned are requested to resolve the problem.
Vidyadharan Nair B,
Lakshmipura Road,

Clean these sites

Two sites adjacent to my house - near Sambhram Institute of Technology - have been filled with thick bushes. This has turned the sites into a breeding place for snakes, rats, mosquitoes etc. Since the properties are under litigation, the owners have not cleaned up these sites. I request the authorities concerned to clean the area.
Suresh K V

SWD work affects residents

The BBMP has initiated a drive to close stormwater drains for the beautification of roads. The residents of KEB Layout, BTM I Stage are at the receiving end of this project. During the process which took more than three months, we faced a tough time parking vehicles. Many residents parked their vehicles at their offices or at relatives’ places. For those living at the end of the road, drain water entered their houses as garbage blocked its flow. I request the authorities to look into the matter.
Habeeb Ahmed, KEB
Layout, BTM Ist Stage

Wires pose danger

Two uninsulated metallic hooks on an electric pole located at the junction of 19-B Main Road and 4th Cross, first ‘N’ Block of Rajajinagar, are regularly used as switch for two streetlights. This is a dangerous practice as it might lead to electrocution, while switching on and switching off the lights. Several children play near the electric pole. Bescom should halt this practice by installing a proper switch.
Purujit Vasuki, Class 8,
National Public School,

Asphalt road in BCCHS Layout

The 80 feet road of BCCHS Layout, under ward number 198 (Hemmigepura) is not asphalted. The work was launched in March 2014 when the local MLA and corporators were present. However, nothing has been done yet. The Palike is requested to take up this work at the earliest.
Venu, BCCHS Layout,

Instal railings in park

Kudos to those who have conceptualised and created beautiful Chandragiri Udayavana in Chandra Layout. The park has been created taking advantage of a hillock. It is an excellent gift to those residing around that area.

The park has three to four layers of paths across the elevation of hillock. Paths at the elevation have deep slope at one side, which poses very serious accident hazard.

Therefore along with the path, proper railings are highly desirable. Further, since people of all ages use the park, it is felt that railings are also needed along with the steps. The concerned may please look into this aspect on priority, in order to avoid any untoward incident.
S R Patil, Hampinagar

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