India & US proclaim 'Chalein Saath Saath: Forward Together We Go'

India & US proclaim 'Chalein Saath Saath: Forward Together We Go'

India & US proclaim 'Chalein Saath Saath: Forward Together We Go'

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached the White House for the private dinner hosted by President Barack Obama, India and the US today issued a vision statement "Chalein Saath Saath: Forward Together We Go" that called for a joint endeavour for prosperity and peace.

"As leaders of two great democratic nations with diverse traditions and faiths, we share a vision for a partnership in which the United States and India work together, not just for the benefit of both our nations, but for the benefit of the world," the White House said in a statement.

The vision statement said that US-India strategic partnership is a joint endeavour for prosperity and peace, and through intense consultations, joint exercises and shared technology, their security cooperation will make the region and world safe and secure.

"Together, we will combat terrorist threats and keep our homelands and citizens safe from attacks, while we respond expeditiously to humanitarian disasters and crises.

"We will prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and remain committed to reducing the salience of nuclear weapons, while promoting universal, verifiable, and non-discriminatory nuclear disarmament," it said.

Asserting that the US and India will have a transformative relationship as trusted partners in the 21st century, the White House said, "Our partnership will be a model for the rest of the world".  

"Acknowledging that the two countries have vastly different histories, but both our founders sought to guarantee freedoms that allow our citizens to determine their own destiny and pursue their personal aspirations.

"Our strategic partnership rests on our shared mission to provide equal opportunity for our people through democracy and freedom," said the White House.

According to the vision statement, the two countries will support an open and inclusive rules-based global order, in which India assumes greater multilateral responsibility, including in a reformed United Nations Security Council.

Observing that climate change threatens both the countries, the vision statement said they will join together to mitigate its impact and adapt to the changing environment.

"We will address the consequences of unchecked pollution through cooperation by our governments, science and academic communities.

"We will partner to ensure that both countries have affordable, clean, reliable, and diverse sources of energy, including through our efforts to bring American-origin nuclear power technologies to India," the vision statement said.

The US and India commit to expand and deepen their strategic partnership in order to harness the inherent potential of the two democracies and the burgeoning ties between their people, economies, and businesses.

"Together we seek a reliable and enduring friendship that bolsters security and stability, contributes to the global economy, and advances peace and prosperity for our citizens and throughout the world.

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