It has been observed that a prerequisite for happiness is success in all our endeavours. Therefore, all of us go to great lengths to ensure that we succeed in everything we do by putting in maximum possible efforts to prevent failure, but ironically, in spite of all our desire for success, we ourselves undermine our efforts by thinking negatively.

It might be hard to believe, but the reality is that we pave the way for our success or failure through our thoughts itself. Yes, after all every human action begins with a thought, which is followed by reflection, a decision and then action.

So, if our thoughts and actions are completely in harmony, we attain success and for this, the only thing we need to do is to make our thoughts as pure and positive as those of the Almighty Supreme who transforms this world from one of sorrow and misery to one of peace and happiness ​with just a seed of powerful thought. A simple way to begin this process of transformation is to use asseveration. An asseveration is a resolute statement that we make to ourself.

All of us use it intentionally or unintentionally throughout our day, but unfortunately a majority of the people across the world do not give much importance to self talk, i.e., those things that we say to ourselves. It is indeed a very important part of our life, because it deeply affects our conscious and subconscious mind.

Remember, we listen to everything we say to ourselves consciously or sub-consciously. We can either create or maintain a powerful state of mind with positive asseverations or use them to counter our negative self-talk. Let’s say you are running for a half marathon. In spite of all the preparations, you tend to lose rhythm and get into some snag.

All of a sudden your confidence sags and you catch yourself thinking “I can’t do this, my capacity is too low, I am too weak as compared to others...” All this negative thinking, if allowed to persist, will guarantee that you fail.

You can make up some positive asseverations to counter this thinking. Like, you might think, “I feel confident, I can do this, slow and steady wins the race.” If you repeat this several times, you will soon start feeling better and achieve your desired goal. These kind of tools are simply the best and easiest to bring about a positive change in our lives.

The only thing we need to remember is “never to give up”, because, however, slow the results may seem in coming, these technique gives us greater control of our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, putting us in charge of our life. So, start using this technique from today and motivate yourself and others around you to excel in their lives and achieve a state of permanent happiness.