Modi slams Chautalas, targets Cong for Vadra land deals

Modi slams Chautalas, targets Cong for Vadra land deals

Modi slams Chautalas, targets Cong for Vadra land deals

In a two-pronged attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today targeted the Chautalas asking the people to rid the state of 'bahubalis' (musclemen) and the "dynastic politics" of Congress by raking up Robert Vadra's land deals.

Describing those who ruled the state in the past as 'bahubalis', an apparent reference to the family of former Chief Minister O P Chautala, he said, "There is a need to get Haryana rid of bahubalis so that common man gets good governance, old persons are given respect and women are provided security."

Addressing election rallies on his second leg of campaigning for the October 15 Assembly polls, Modi said a government with absolute majority will be able to get Haryana rid of bahubalis.

The Prime Minister waded into a controversy over a news report that Congress government in Haryana has officially legitimised the land deal between Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Vadra and DLF and asked the Election Commission to take serious note of the issue.

"They (Hooda government) know that after the elections, the son-in-law (Vadra) will not get any clearances for illegal deals. So, in between the election process, they have dared to take such a decision," Modi said at an election rally here.

"I think Hooda was pressurised from the top (Congress leadership) to take such a decision," he said.

The Election Commission, the Prime Minister hoped, would take "serious note" of the state government's decision.

Hitting out at Chautala, Modi said some people are dreaming of taking oath as Haryana's Chief Minister from jail.

"I don't need support from jail. I don't need support of goons who are in jail," he said.

"He has been saying that he will take oath in jail and run his government from there. Doesn't he even trust his sons, at least he should have said I will hand over reins to my sons, if he cannot trust his son, how can that man be trusted," Modi said.

"Friends, bahubaliyon ka khauf kya hota hein (what is a terror of muscleman), I came to know here (taking dig at Chautalas) how property pe kabzaa.. do you want rid of these these bahubalis, and I have to rid Haryana from these musclemen and hone skills of my youths," he said.

Coming out against dynastic politics and nepotism in Haryana, he asked the electorate to junk such parties.

"Whosoever has come to power, his family has ruled over the state. Whichever government came, his family grew but the state was left behind. Families have looted the state and they have done politics in the name of dynasty and caste. After taking power, they took care of nobody except their families," he said.

Modi said, "this individualism, this dynastic culture and nepotism poses a threat to democracy and that is why we have to change the fortunes of Haryana."

Addressing another rally in Faridabad, Modi said he was witnessing even more enthusiasm in the Haryana elections for BJP than the Lok Sabha polls.
He said the tally of the ruling party in the state would not even touch double figures.

"I can clearly see that Haryana voters have already decided to change the fortunes of the state," he said.

Modi said even after emergency the Congress stalwarts had lost elections, the party had still managed more than 100 seats but in the last Lok Sabha polls people were so unhappy that the party could not even touch the 50 seats mark.

He lamented that Haryana which was once known for industrial development had rendered many people jobless and people once coming for employment were now returning.

"Who is responsible for this? Those who took away your bread and butter, will you vote for them again," he said.

Attacking the Hooda government, he said, "this government is known for bahubalis and builders, where farmers land was taken away and handed over to the "daamad", in an apparent reference to Vadra.

He alleged the fear of Modi coming to power after 10 days in Haryana has forced the Haryana government to clear files quickly. "This is public property, property that belongs to farmers. No one has the right to loot it," he said.

Targeting Hooda, Modi said the CM was "fooling" the people on the issue of export of Basmati rice from the state.

"I am surprised that in this land of Lord Krishna, how some people can speak blatant lies. The Chief Minister has been telling a lie on Basmati export rice ban. If Basmati is not going to world market, Congress government is responsible as they have imposed four per cent tax on mandis. They are misleading and looting farmers.
"Punish them so hard that not even single member of theirs is seen in the Vidhan Sahba, make such arrangement by voting them out," he said.

The Prime Minister said India has started getting respect world over not due to Modi, but in view of absolute majority given by the people to the BJP at the Centre.
"If you want Haryana to be famous in the country then vote BJP to majority in the state," he said.

Asserting that these elections have brought a new ray of hope for the people of state, he said, "We have seen Haryana getting destroyed and looted. People here have seen use of muscle power and atrocities. We have seen governments treating treasury as its own and indulging in loot".

"You have to decide till how long can we allow this loot to happen," he said.
"If anyone can save Haryana, that is enlightened voters of this State and no one else. Haryana voters have to decide if they allow themselves to be divided on narrow lines of caste and creed or get united and move forward," he said.

On people of Haryana sending seven BJP MPs from the State to the Lok Sabha, he said, "The way people of India, especially Haryana, left behind caste, creed and other narrow considerations and supported us, I am obliged for that.

"If Haryana people can form a strong government at the Centre, then why cannot they do it in Haryana. You gave enough love to Modi, but now Haryana also needs this love," he said.

"See last 25 years, I do not want to take any name, those promoting dynastic politics progressed, but Haryana has fallen behind," he said.

"We have to change Haryana's future. Do the youth here need employment or not, a farmer also wants that if he has three children, one should get employment. If we do not generate employment, who will provide jobs," he said.

The Prime Minister said the holy land of Kurukshetra has the potential to leave behind even cities like Gurgaon and Noida.

"This land has great tourist potential, this is the land where Lord Krishna gave sermons.If lakhs of people can go to Vaishno Devi and Tirupati Balaji, why can't Kurukshetra have this potential," he said while stressing that tourism has great potential.

Modi said that he had been playing Kurukshetra's ambassador to the world.
"When I meet world leaders, I talk about Kurukshetra, US President Barack Obama, the Chinese President, the Japanese PM, I talk about Kurukshetra and gift Gita to them. I have become Kurukshetra's biggest ambassador," he said.

Minimum investment is needed on tourism but it can have big potential, he said.
"Terrorism divides, tourism unites. Tourism is such a sector that various sections of the society get employment, ranging from taxiwallah to tea seller. Chai Bechna Wallah bi kamata hein (even a tea seller earns)," he said.

Stressing that tourism can change the whole economy, he said, "Our forefathers have done such work -- Taj Mahal, Ajanta and Ellora, Kurukshetra, we have to promote this".

Speaking on Saraswati River, which existed earlier, he said it needs to be explored. Scientists are at the job.

"We need industrial development, we need investments. Japan PM has promised Rs 3 lakh crore investments, Chinese Prez Rs 1-1.25 lakh crore. US has promised Rs 3.5 lakh crore investments. Road, rail will be constructed and people of this country will get employment," he said.

"Your government in Delhi is working hard at taking this country forward. Shouldn't Haryana too reap rich dividends. But Sarkar yahan phatak laga ke bethein hein (government has put a gate here). If you bring BJP, you can question us on what we do and we will be answerable to you," he said.

For 60 years, Congress did nothing, they left coffers empty, he said.
"Land is farmers lifeline, if that is looted, he gets destroyed. And you know well, who looted farmers and handed over their land to whom," he said.

Sharpening his attack on Congress, he said Congress people are "insensitive as they divide people on caste, creed and narrow considerations".

Taking a dig at political pundits, he said, "I want to ask political pundits whether they will be correct this time or not. They used to say who knows Modi outside Gujarat. They used to say maximum 125 seats, then 150, some said 182, but people of this country gave 282 proving all political pundits wrong. They do not know that people of this country are wise, their priorities have changed. They want progress and prosperity."

"I have full faith that on October 15, they will vote overwhelmingly for BJP," he said.
Reaching out to women, the Prime Minister blamed female foeticide for the poor sex ratio in the state.

"For women's pride and dignity, vote for us. Don't go by what some family head tells you," he said.

"One more thing worries me, 875 females per 1,000. 125 males will remain unmarried, if we go by this figure. This is going to happen. Girls have been killed in mother's womb, this is sin, we have to rid Haryana of this sin. Is this character of our 21st century thinking," he said promising to end this discrimination.

"Because of musclemen, girls fear to come out, no end to atrocities on Dalits, and Congress sheds crocodile tears and washes off its responsibility," he said.

"I have been campaigning in Haryana, I am seeing such atmosphere which I did not see even during the Lok Sabha polls. A wave is blowing. You form BJP government," he said.

Asking all the contesting candidates of the BJP to stand up, he sought people's support for all of them.

He also asked the people to clean up the rally venue before leaving and keep the land of Lord Krishna neat and clean.